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010 Tim Leffel: Multiple revenue streams & creating eBooks that sell (Podcast)

010 Tim Leffel: Multiple revenue streams & creating eBooks that sell (Podcast)

5 Dollar Planet

Tim Leffel Podcast Episode 010:

Multiple revenue streams & creating ebooks that sell

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In the Tim Leffel episode:

5 steps to kickstarting your dream lifestyle, our new ebook is now available at and successful author Tim Leffel shares the mistakes which online authors make when they first try to earn revenue from publishing.

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Feature Topics in this episode:

  • Why people are afraid to travel full time or simply think they can’t
  • Why online, multiple revenue stream income is better than employment
  • Where are the best digital nomad hubs to go and live – for less money
  • How outsourcing can rapidly grow you business
  • The 18 best countries to have a better life for half the price READ HERE
  • How to deal with your stuff and family and friends if you move abroad?
  • Why traditional book publication is a waste of time for most people.
  • The most important first step before writing your ebook
  • How to get your book out there and selling copies
  • How to make your book worth more than just a book


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Aweber – email subscription mangement

Tim Leffel Lonely Planet article: Digital Nomads: How to travel the world without quitting your job

Tim’s book “A better life for half the price

Scrivener – The best ebook writing software

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Stuffocation by James Wallman (Understanding that “Stuff” does not make you happy)

Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Having multiple revenue streams so you are never completely screwed if you lose a source of income.)

World Nomads & Intrepid Travel: Passport & Plate scholarship details and entry



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