029 5 Ways to make friends on the road & We visit Skopje, Macedonia

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029 5 Ways to make friends on the road & We visit Skopje, Macedonia:


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In this Skopje Podcast episode:

Meeting new people is part of the travel experience. But how do you connect with new people easily in unfamiliar territory? We give you our top 5 tips. Plus, we visit the Capital of the Republic of Macedonia and discover amazing breakfast for a dollar as well as exploring the fantastic value for money at the Bit Pazaar.

We discuss:

  • Feature Topic:  5 Ways to make friends on the road
  • Destination: We visit Skopje, the capital of FYROM (Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia)
  • $5 Food: Burek
  • $5 Fun/Travel:  Old town, Bit Pazaar markets


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Weblinks from Skopje Podcast

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Thessaloniki Podcast (ep 023)

Earthquake Museum – Skopje

Bit Pazaar – Market in Skopje

http://www.wandermates.com/ – Travel Buddy site

http://www.findmeetgo.com/ – another travel buddy site

Backpackr.org – find other travellers nearby.





Photos from Skopje Podcast


skopje podcast - Bit Pazaar

Bit Pazaar


Skopje Podcast - Old Town - like a 1970s version of 18th century area

Old Town – like a 1970s version of 18th century area


Skopje Podcast: Pindjur



Skopje Podcast - pastrmajlija



Skopje Podcast - Alexander statue with beer sign behind it.

Alexander statue with beer sign behind it.


Skopje Podcast - Burek





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