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035 Mongolia overland: Nomad homestay & Gobi Desert catastrophe!

035 Mongolia overland: Nomad homestay & Gobi Desert catastrophe!

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035 Mongolia East to West: Real Nomad homestay & Breaking down in the Gobi Desert:

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In this Mongolia Podcast episode:

We explore one of the most off the beaten track destinations in the world: Mongolia. We cross east to west independently, come across sights and events few tourists have ever seen and break down in the Gobi desert. Will we survive… yes. But listen anyway.

We discuss:

  • How to stay with a real nomad family, not in a tourist Ger.
  • Breaking down in the middle of the Gobi Desert


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Mongolia Podcast

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Mongolia Podcast

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Mongolia Podcast

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Mongolia Podcast

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mongolia podcast - Nomadic homestays and our Gobi Desert Disaster.



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