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037 Mongolia Part 2 – Secret Naadam festivals and Mongolia on $33 a day

Travel Freedom Podcast

Mongolia Podcast (Part 2) Episode 037:

Mongolia on $33 a day & The secret, local Naadam festivals

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What do you want in the show? Are we moving to fast, or is it all too basic? What do you like what do you not like? More on money or more on travel?

In this Mongolia Podcast (Part 2) episode:

How we kept our costs so low in Mongolia. We interview Meg from Ulaanbaatar about her favourite places in Mongolia and some of the most unusual superstitions. Plus: How we discovered the local festivals that even the tourist office isn’t sure about.

We discuss:

  • Feature: How we travelled Mongolia east to west for only $33 per person per day.
  • Interview: Meg from chats about some of her favourite places in Mongolia and some of  the most unusual superstitions.
  • Find & visit the Local Naadam festivals for Free!


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Weblinks from Mongolia Podcast (Part 2)

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How to become a housesitting pro in just 3 months.

Crossing From Mongolia back to China at the western, Bulgan border:
Lunar Festival (Jan or Feb annually) – Tsagaan Sar


Photos from Mongolia (part 2) Podcast

Horse Head Violins at the Naadam Festival (Mongolia Podcast)

Horse Head Violins at the Naadam Festival

Naadam Archery (Mongolia Podcast)

Naadam Archery

Naadam Wrestling (Mongolia Podcast)

Naadam Wrestling

9 day Tour29

Our Russian Van and group for the first leg of our Off road Mongolian Journey

9 day Tour27

$7 Spa Experience – natural, outdoor hotsprings

Horse Riding at the Naadam Festival (Mongolia Podcast)

Horse Riding at the Naadam Festival

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