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10 Cheap Summer Vacations for College Students

10 Cheap Summer Vacations for College Students

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One of the most confusing things to do before your summertime holiday is picking a location. There’s a plethora of holiday locations to choose from both in the country and abroad. It gets more confusing for undergraduates with many events to check on their bucket lists. We get lots of requests on the most recreational locations for undergrads in Canada and the US.

In this article, we review the locations some of our travel-enthusiast undergrads have visited. Each country or state outlines some of the most entertaining event venues, a good restaurant, resort, and clubhouse to check out. Read along as we walk you through this exciting tour of multiple spots to check out now!


Amsterdam is one of the most popular travel destinations for college students. Even when most parents have to thoroughly think about their children traveling that far alone – it’s a great place to plan a trip. Spending your holidays in Amsterdam is less costly than other destinations. Young travelers would get an average lodging rate of $97 per night.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Messing around in cowboy boots can never go out of style. Dallas-fort Worth is one of the cheapest tourist attractions for university undergrads. You can pair matching local footwear with your buddies at Billy Bob’s honky-tonk or other stockyards in the city. Most US airports charge roughly $277 for round-trips to the Dallas-fort airport. Pretty affordable, right?

San Juan

The lovely Puerto Rico! Your five-year summer vacation tour isn’t completed without a stop in Puerto Rico. It is one of the 10 best places that help you get exceptional savings on everything; restaurants, accommodation rates, clubbing, and so on. Try to check in at the Old San Juan resort to have a feel of the stunning view of the area and easy access to the beach. Lodging goes as low as $109/night.


It only costs undergrads an average of $270 to fly from US cities to Denver. No one visits Denver without catching a baseball game at Coors Field. Spending time at the Lakeside Amusement Park is always a memorable experience. Denver welcomes young explorers annually, which is why university undergrads write research papers about the city.


Would you love to enjoy natural beauty during your weekend getaways? Then make a stop to explore the stunning destination of Florence! Your college spring tour to Florence is incomplete without a stop at the world-famous Uffizi Gallery. Waking up to the stunning view of the sun setting on this Tuscan recreation spot is something to add to your bucket list. A round-trip airfare from anywhere in the US is an average of $820.


Every adventurous college student looks forward to the money-saving deals availlable in Charlotte, NC. There are lots of fun-thrilling stuff you can do at Charlotte with your low cost holiday college budget. Undergraduates enjoy the thrilling moments of watching rip-roaring car racing at the Charlotte Motor-Speedway. Lodging gets as low as $67 for visiting scholars. Camping outdoors is also allowed but often not advisable during winter in the south.


Our list of top recreational spots for undergraduates would be incomplete without mentioning “la ville de l’amour.” Spending a holiday season at the French Quarter is always a blast for couples and friends, creating some of the most fun and memorable moments. Flights from the United States to Paris only go for an average rate of $882 for undergraduates. Check out the cool cafe spots and bars at bourbon street during your next national holiday to Paris.


Albuquerque has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you intend to organize a beach trip with your friends, this is the place to visit. This recreational hotspot has some incredibly cheap adventures for college students with multiple options for every activity. Albuquerque is popular for its thrilling nightlife parties and spicy cuisine, which most travelers find exciting. Ensure you try out its super spicy and crunchy fiery barbecues.


While some may choose Florida or New Orleans over other international destination, the adventure found in these countries cannot be compared. You can spend as low as $10 at some of the best cocktails and dining spots in Dublin.

Never miss out on the historically educating site of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Interestingly, you don’t have to break your bank to throw a party or fund trips to Dublin in the year. It’s a bit expensive to fly to Dublin but shouldn’t exceed $900.


If you’re looking at having a relatively hot summertime, then Phoenix is the best recreational stop to consider. You might not get the view of the best islands or mini islands on the continent, but there are amazing resorts with local food and relaxation. Most airlines offer incredibly high discounts on tickets to Phoenix with an average of $224. 


It is often difficult to pick a location for your summertime holiday. While most people often prefer recommendations from friends, we’ve helped highlight some memorable sites for undergraduates. The above-listed locations have fun resorts for all kinds of parties and gatherings. Why waste summertime at home when you can tour these amazing locations?

Undergraduates above 16 can move down to these hotspots from America with approval from their parents. Every day spent away in Florence, for example, helps you to connect with nature and history. 

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