14 Best Places to Go in Vancouver

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According to tourists who have visited Vancouver at least once, it’s an incredibly green, clean, multicultural, and cosmopolitan city that gives the impression of a calm and quiet haven where you want to spend your whole life.

The historical heritage of Vancouver is not very huge; however, this is bolstered by awesome parks, lounge areas, theaters, cultural and historical museums. Here you will never run out of ideas for your leisure time, no matter your budget or location. Read below where to go, what to do, and see in Vancouver, BC.

Must-visit sites in Vancouver

Natural attractions

#1. Stanley Park

Vancouver Stanley Park is an atmospheric symbiosis of nature and human creation. This evergreen oasis covers an area of 400 hectares and is located close to the city’s business center.

Here you’ll find artificial reservoirs, sculptures, sports grounds, and monuments. By the way, there are paths and walking trails in the park, the total length of which is 250 km, and the longest of them stretches for 8.8 km along the perimeter of Stanley Park. It also has a bird sanctuary and an oceanarium with more than 50 thousand marine inhabitants. Definitely worth a visit!

#2. Queen Elizabeth Park

The park was created at the end of World War II. Two years after planting the first seedling to mark the foundation of the park, Queen Elizabeth, who was still the Crown Princess at the time, came to Vancouver and planted an English oak.

The green oasis has grown rapidly: today, all kinds of the plants that grow in Canada are presented here: numerous conifers, birch, ash, maple, rhododendrons. There is also a Sunken Garden with a lovely waterfall, a winter garden, a golf course, a wedding pavilion, a rose garden, tennis courts, cafes, restaurants, in general, everything that is necessary for a comfortable stay for visitors. The park is very popular with newlyweds, who often hold wedding photo sessions here. And since the park is located on a high point, the whole city is visible at a glance.

#3. Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is an outstanding example of unspoiled nature, a wild time for sophisticated travelers. It was named by a group of hikers in 1894 after they met a grouse on the high mountain slopes.

Today, this mountain has the status of Vancouver’s most visited attraction and receives more than 1.2 million visitors every year. The famous Grouse Mountain Skyride takes passengers on a mile-long air journey to Alpine Station, which is located 3,700 feet above sea level. At this time, breathtaking panoramic views of the city, the sea, and the surrounding mountains will appear in front of you.

#4. Capilano Bridge

The Capilano Bridge is 137m long and 70m high. At the entrance, you’ll see Indian totem figures depicting mythical creatures.

The bridge has no substructure; therefore, dizziness and gasping for breath are guaranteed. Thus, it will be nice to have insurance.

Cultural education in Vancouver

#5. Vancouver Art Gallery

This museum is a priceless art repository. The collection includes 157 works by Emily Carr, as well as paintings by artists from the Group of Seven, works by Jeff Wall and Marc Chagall.

#6. Vancouver Museum

The city museum, the collection of which has been gathered for more than 100 years. The main focus is put on the history of Vancouver and the surrounding area. The museum conducts extensive educational and research activities, organizes lectures, educational programs, and other events. The Vancouver Museum houses the MacMillan Space Center with a planetarium.

#7. Vancouver Maritime Museum

Dedicated to all lovers of the marine theme. The museum exposition consists of models of ships, navigational charts, documents, and books. And just look what an interesting building!

#8. Science World

The museum is a platform for exhibiting interactive exhibits and installations aimed at demonstrating various aspects of science that surround us. Here you can walk inside the human body, explore the intricacies of illusions, comprehend the nature of light, sound, and water. Almost all the exhibits are interactive, that is, you can play with them, touch them, set up simple experiments. It also houses the OMNIMAX cinema, which shows educational programs throughout the day.

#9. Vancouver Public Library

The library building resembles a modern interpretation of the Roman Colosseum. But there is something different inside: a book depository with more than 2,6 million copies of printed sources, reading rooms, shops, cafes, a social service center, and even offices!

Other places to visit in Vancouver

  1. Gastown. The Vancouver historic district is the heart of the city and a counterpoint. Modern buildings and the ones from the Victorian era, old houses, trendy clubs, and restaurants with local food. Gastown got its name from the first settler Jack Dayton, who was nicknamed “Gassy,” which means “chatty.” Today, he is depicted in a statue that was erected in Maple Three Square and is one of the most popular attractions.
  2. Kitsilano beach. A popular city beach located in the area of the same name has everything for a relaxed holiday.
  3. English Bay Beach. A beach in a cozy cove in a residential area in West Central Vancouver. This place is famous for its unusually picturesque sunsets that attract tourists from all over the world. And as a nice bonus – you can join festivals and city holidays here.
  4. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden. It is the only life-size garden of its kind outside of China. Here you can enjoy the Chinese flora and a small pond inhabited by koi fish.
  5. Holy Rosary Cathedral. The Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Rosary is located in the heart of the city. The architecture is in the late French Gothic style. Interesting fact: the cathedral was opened in 1900 and is still operating.

Useful travel tips when visiting Vancouver

  • Get a good camera. It would be a shame not to capture all the beauty here and not share it with friends and family. Don’t ignore the video shooting. And if you want to share travel vlog in Stories, Instagram feed, or TikTok, use relevant video editing software and compress MP4 files to reduce network load.
  • Try the local food. Canada is not just maple syrup. Be sure to try Peameal Bacon Sandwich, Japanese-style hot dogs from Japadog, and Nanaimo dessert. Or book a foodie tour.
  • Bring as much comfortable and weather-resistant clothing as possible. It rains a lot in Vancouver, so take a raincoat and rubber boots – they are a must here. Anyway, check the weather in Vancouver before your trip. And fill out the Vancouver packing list, so you don’t forget anything.
  • Join local activities. Attend the Pacific National Exhibition, experience underwater pool hockey, zombie parade, and world pillow fight, ride a bike along the waterfront to Pink Floyd’s music from The Wall album, and visit the Jimi Hendrix Temple. And the bravest can take part in a naked bike ride around Vancouver!

Final words

It doesn’t matter if you want to stay in the city or go into interesting places away from the urban bustle, you will always have a range of different activities, institutions, and nature corners both inside and outside Vancouver. Take more vacation days and go explore British Columbia!