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27 Funniest Epic Travel Fails

27 Funniest Epic Travel Fails

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backward look Travel isn’t always easy. For these unlucky/stupid travellers it was even more difficult. Want to know how to make your own elephant? Keep reading. Ever wondered how many people will fit in a bus or on a train? We have the answer to that too as we discover the 27 Funniest travel fails!

Pretty sure that is not how you put up a tent?

Pretty sure that is not how you put up a tent?


Hanging out with the wildlife is a fun part of travel… sometimes.

randy elephant

elephant face

camel face

Can’t afford an elephant? Make your own. We call this the Elephox.

Elephant ox

CAN afford an elephant? Then make it into a Pandephant


Elephant grab

What we’ve learnt in this section is that elephants should not be trusted.



Everyone wants to get some holiday snaps but some people have more talent with a camera than others… photography strangle

flag-face   pinch the sun

Asian photographer

A Way With Words

We could do a whole post on Chinglish, but there are plenty of other word mistakes out there!

dildo adventure

engrish   Animal-kingdom


curled poo

Travel Fashion.

Always pay attention to how you look, you never know who is lurking with a smartphone!

neck pillow

Mickey arse

Travel Fashion Fail 101.

Travel Fashion Fail 101.

Never nude

Travel Fashion Fail Advanced Level. Just… Wrong…


From A to B.

Trains & buses. Travellers have to get around but not like this… Man sleeps in bus   bus head

India overloaded train     bus full


Yes, this man is naked.

Yes, this man is naked.


Safety First. The Low Budget Kids Seat.

Travel Success.

Not every “fail” is considered a fail to everyone… pisa up arse