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32 Summer Destinations to Ignite Your Wanderlust

32 Summer Destinations to Ignite Your Wanderlust

Summer is right around the corner. And if you’re like most people you are ready to thaw out, get a tan and explore while the weather is nice and warm.

That’s why we’ve enlisted in some professional help to reveal to you the Top 32 Must Visit Summer Destinations as told by professional travel bloggers. I twisted their arms and got them to reveal their favorite secret places that they love to visit in the Summer time, and we hope we inspire you to pack a bag, hop a plane and explore a new and exciting part of the world this Summer.

32 Summer Destinations to Ignite Your Wanderlust


Mariana & Liam – Rucksack Ramblings

Once winter ends, Iran becomes a treasure chest of natural beauty. In the spring, you can go hiking in the impressive Alborz Mountains in the north. If you go at the very beginning of spring, you can even go skiing on the world-class ski slopes just outside Tehran. In fact, you can ride the subway straight to the lift! Spring is also the best time to say hi to the wild camels in the deserts in the middle of the country. And then, when the searing summer heat kicks in, you just check into one of the many beach resorts on Kish Island in the Persian Golf. As you can hear, Iran has something for every taste!

While all this natural beauty is very nice, it’s not what’s going to blow you away the most in Iran. Iranians are incredibly hospitable and it is truly overwhelming how genuine their interest in tourists are. You’ll quickly get used to Iranians striking up spontaneous conversations in the bazaars to practice their English. If you’re lucky, you might even get invited home for dinner by a complete stranger!



Lina & David – Divergent Travelers

It may seem cliche but Paris really is one of the best places to visit in the summer. Despite having enough worthy museums to fill an entire week of nothing but indoor exploration, it is a city that begs to be explored by foot. With iconic sites like the Louvre, Notre Dam Cathedral, Sacre Couer and the Eiffel Tower you can easily see why.

Paris is one of the most visited cities in Europe and has a surplus of iconic things to do and see. This is what makes a long weekend in Paris the perfect getaway with your loved one or even your girlfriends. I would recommend a bare minimum of 4 days to hit the highlights of Paris but also be able to take some time to enjoy a glass of wine and people watch.


Eemma Iseman –  Always A Gringa

Michigan is completely underrepresented and obnoxiously underrated, which is perfectly fine for me because I would be glad to selfishly keep this freshwater paradise all to myself. It has so much to offer all year-round, but the summer takes the cake. The lakes start melting in Spring, which creeps in lazily around late March and doesn’t take full force until mid-April. While the summer season may seem short it sure doesn’t disappoint. With more than 11,000 inland lakes and more than 36,000 miles of streams to play in you can stand anywhere in the state and will only be 6 miles away from a fresh water source.

The outdoor water activities are endless; kayak the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, dive the Great Lake shipwrecks, wade in the hidden waterfalls in Munising, or cliff jump off the Black Rocks in Marquette. If you like to have your feet on solid ground, hike the North Country Trail that runs all the way through the Lower and Upper Peninsula of Michigan or bike the hundreds of miles of trails that wind through the state parks.


Sri Lanka

Yulia Dyukova – The Foodie Miles

While Southeast Asia is one of the most attractive destinations in the world at the moment, especially for budget travelers, there’s one country that has not received as much attention from world wonderers as the others – Sri Lanka. In 2017 it was named one of the 20 best destinations to visit by Bloomberg.

Since the temperature stays approximately the same year round, the seasons for different regions are defined by monsoons. April is one of the best months for good weather countrywide. Besides, you get a chance to celebrate traditional Sinhala and Tamil New Year with Lankans (13th and 14th of April).

May through August is the time of monsoons in the South-West part of the island. While many tourists prefer to stay away, you can take advantage of lesser crowds and explore the North-East: Yala National Park, beautiful beaches of Trincomalee and Jaffna that was the epicenter of Civil War in the country.



Katie McGrain – Around The World In KT Days

Winters in Seoul are frigid and harsh, so when the warm weather arrives and the buds appear on trees, the city wakes up in excitement. The return of warmer weather in Seoul means Seoulites can once again take advantage of all the nature in the city. You may be surprised to know that Seoul is surrounded by mountains and water. Go for a hike in Bukhansan National Park, ride a bike along the Han River, and go for a picnic in one of the hundreds of parks in the city.

If your trip coincides with cherry blossom season, you won’t be disappointed. The first blossoms are expected to hit around April 6th and will last for a few weeks. Seeing the historical palaces and traditional architecture framed by gorgeous cherry blossoms makes for an incredible scene. Spring also kicks off the festival season. Check out the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, the Lotus Lantern Festival, and Seoul Drum Festival.

The spring and summer is the best time to visit Seoul any year, but this year it’s extra special because the city is ramping up for the 2018 Winter Olympics. There are special events and deals for visitors in the city as they generate excitement for the games. Get here before the crowds converge on the city this winter!

Want more info about Seoul? Click Here to check out our Podcast “The Dish” and listen to our full episode about the history of Kimchee and What to Eat in Seoul



Allison Green – Eternal Arrival

The Albanian Riviera is my number one summer spot for many reasons. For one — just look at that water. Stony beaches mean turquoise and deep blue waters the like you rarely see in Europe. Visibility is astoundingly good when in the water; you can see below what must be nearly 40 feet! The water is extra salty in the Ionian Sea and so you’re even more buoyant. With no major wave action to speak of, it’s an incredibly peaceful place to float and relax under the sun. As Albania is still a bit off the beaten path, the beaches are quiet all throughout the day. The locals are also incredibly friendly, happy to pick you up if you need to hitch a ride home from the beach (buses are hard to come by). Finally, the seafood is incredibly tasty and so cheap — I’m talking less than 8 euros for a 3-course seafood meal!

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Amy Butler – The Wayfarer’s Book

Visiting Lviv, with its fusion of European architecture and strong blaze of Ukrainian patriotism, is like slipping into a nostalgic Europe of the past. Lviv is a city that you crack open slowly, finding hidden gems every time you turn a corner. From the myriad of cafes specializing in different kinds of coffee to the hidden restaurants and secret speakeasies, you can spend your entire trip to Lviv languidly eating and drinking.

Spring and summer are fantastic times to visit Lviv, as the city is buzzing with festivals and celebrations all season long. The Alfa Jazz Fest is perhaps one of Ukraine’s biggest events, drawing renowned musicians from around the world. You can also wander the overgrown Lychakiv Cemetery, slip into regal elegance at the Lviv Opera, or wonder at the quirkiness of the salo museum (salo, one of Ukraine’s national dishes, is raw pig fat).

Lviv is a blossoming tourist destination, already famous to Ukrainians and quickly gaining attention from international travelers. Plan a visit during the shoulder seasons to get that feeling of undiscovered Europe that characterizes Ukraine. Located in the western part of the country, anyone traveling through Central and Eastern Europe should be able to plan a detour over the border to experience Lviv’s unique romance!



Toni & Drew – 2 Aussie Travellers

Kyoto is always one of our top picks for springtime travel. During March and April the city is cloaked in its trademark cherry blossom (called sakura in Japan) and for a while it defines life in this historic and beautiful town. Spring gatherings for colleagues and friends are held under blossoming trees and even the food served picks up on the theme. Special seasonal dishes are prepared and sakura flavouring is in everything from traditional sweets and sake to your McDonalds fries.

For festivals, this is one of the best times to be in the city. Many temples and gardens have special openings and evening light-up events, the biggest Geisha performances of the year take place in Gion and you’ll have the chance to participate in some fabulous local events. Some of our favourites are Setsubun at Yasaka Shrine, Kenka-sai at Fushimi Inari shrine, Seiryu-e at Kiyomizudera temple and the blossom parade at Daigo-ji temple.

It’s a fabulous time to wander the city streets while the canals are lined with cherry blossom trees, they’re lit at night so it’s perfect for a walk after dinner. Don’t miss Shirakawa canal in Gion, it’s part of the geisha district and captures the history and culture of the city perfectly. You’ll notice that many of the young women will be wearing their kimono and yakata and the city encourages them with free entry at many places for those in traditional dress. It all adds to the feeling of a city celebrating the arrival of spring and new beginnings.


Italian Riviera

Katy Clarke – Untold Morsels

Like a classic Chanel bag, the Italian Riviera is a summer destination that never goes out of fashion. And there’s something for everyone.

From the super yachts and luxury boutiques of picture perfect Portofino to the rustic charm of the five villages of the Cinque Terre, Italy’s Riveria has sea breezes, beauty and the freshest seafood for both the luxury and budget traveller.

If you want to experience both worlds, then stay at one of the lesser known places in the region. Sestri Levante has a picturesque old town and beautiful bay as well as beach clubs on the seafront. Santa Margherita is close to Portofino and popular with Italian holidaymakers and yachties. Both towns have ferries to the Cinque Terre and other hamlets along the coast.

My favourite is tucked-away Camogli where the Ligurian Seacrashes against the black rocky beach and locals take long walks at sunset hand in hand.

Read more about the Italian Riviera – On Untold Morsels.



Patti & Matilda – The Travel Sisters


Although I think any season is a great time to visit Tokyo, springtime is a little extra special thanks to Japan’s celebrated sakura (cherry blossoms). For a few weeks in late March/early April, Tokyo parks and riverbanks are overtaken by delicate pink flowers and visitors keen on indulging in some cherry blossom viewing (hanami). Hanami can involve anything from having a leisurely picnic in a park to a sake-fueled party underneath the blossoms. Two of the best parks to see the cherry blossoms in Tokyo are Ueno Park and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. If you visit Tokyo in late spring and miss cherry blossom season, you might be able to watch a professional sumo match in Tokyo. Sumo is Japan’s national sport and professional sumo tournaments are held in Tokyo only three times each year, including 15 days every May.

Tokyo can be cold in the winter, but in the spring the temperature starts to warm up, making it more pleasant for visitors to walk around and see everything that Tokyo has to offer. Walk across Shibuya Crossing (the world’s most famous intersection), people watch at Yoyogi Park and the surrounding Harajuku area and make an early-morning visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market to watch the tuna auction and have fresh sushi for breakfast.



Angela Corrias – The Chasing Unexpected

“While it’s a heaven destination all year round, the Italian island of Sardinia is perfect for a spring break and a summer vacation.

In spring the weather is pretty mild and the island is a feast of colors and intoxicating scents from all the blossoming flowers and plants. As temperatures are not as cold as in winter and not too hot yet, spring is the best time to delve into the traditions and culture of the island. Organize city tours to visit Cagliari, the beautiful regional capital, or smaller towns and villages to experience the local life. Spring is also a good time to explore the nature and archaeological ruins with activities such as hiking at Su Gorroppu canyon or visiting a “nuraghe”, Bronze-age stone towers Sardinia is dotted with.

In summer Sardinia is one of the favorite regions for a beach holiday. With some 1,900 km of coastline, from north to south, the island has wonderful pristine beaches. As it gets pretty packed in summer, tourists who choose to go in this season should definitely book in advance. Some of the beaches you will love are Cagliari’s Poetto, the coast around Baunei and the Gulf of Orosei, the pink-sand beach of Budelli, Cala Brandinchi in San Teodoro area and the hidden gem of S’Archittu in Oristano province.

Prices usually go up in summer, but this doesn’t seem to put off visitors from all over the world, each year in a bigger number!”


Hoi An

Kerri McConnel – Beer and Croissants

Vietnam has firmly announced itself on the travel scene recently and is one of the must-visit destinations for 2017. Low airfares from many countries around the world have put this vibrant country well and truly on the map.

Any trip to Vietnam should include a visit to Hoi An, the beautiful UNESCO protected city in Central Vietnam, roughly halfway between Hanoi and Saigon. With a rich history that can be evidenced by the original buildings that line the river, an energetic vibe and fusion of several Asian cultures, the ‘city of lanterns’ offers a wonderful experience to all who visit.

A former river port, the river still plays an important role for the city, as does the food. Some of the best food I ate in Vietnam was consumed here. Specialties like Cau Lau and Mi Quang are unique to Hoi An so you won’t find it anywhere else. If nothing else, make sure you sample these!

Take a river cruise, a food tour, a cooking class, or get yourself some new clothes made from one of the hundreds of bespoke tailors that operate here. People watching is a great past time, as is watching the sun set on one of the many rooftop bars.

Hoi An is a busy place in summer, so be sure to book your hotels, tours, cooking classes etc in advance to avoid missing out.



Natasha Welch – World Inside My Pocket

One of the best places to take a summer break in Europe is undoubtedly Split, Croatia’s famous port city on the Mediterranean Coast. Everything about Split screams vacation: the beaches, the palm trees, the yachts, the luxury villas, the al fresco dining, the fresh seafood, and those sweet summer-long sunrays. Spending a couple of days exploring the adorable maze of Split’s old town, taking in the views from Diocletian’s Palace Bell Tower, and sampling the local cuisine makes for a perfect start to a European summer adventure. After that, head out on a ferry to explore the nearby islands.

The island of Hvar is an absolute gem and attracts the crème de la crème of celebrities each year- it’s easy to see why. Spend an afternoon strolling along Hvar’s white stone port, sipping on champagne, before heading up to take in the views of the Pakleni islands from atop the Spanjola Fortress at sunset.

Don’t forget to check out the oldest town in Europe of Stari Grad, a bus ride away from the ferry port, and to take in the more relaxed, reggae beach vibe at Dubovica coast, where you can explore some rugged caves and go cliff jumping! Explore Split and its nearby islands this year for a summer of absolute paradise



Micaela Rodriguez – Senyorita

BORACAY ISLAND is probably the most popular destination in the Philippines for beach lovers and partygoers. Originally known for its pristine blue waters and white sand beaches, Boracay has evolved into a must visit place with a lot of activities to do. First-time travelers typically do the island hopping tour where they lounge in Puka Beach, feast on fresh seafood lunch buffet, explore the caves, do some snorkeling, helmet diving and conquer your fear of heights by parasailing! Boracay does have one of the best sunset views in the world and I normally invite some of my friends to do a sunset paraw sailing activity with cold Tanduay Ice or San Mig Light in tow.

By the time the tour finishes, the night scene unravels! Numerous dining places start to get busy and fire dancers start to light up the night with their awesome skills! Although some may not like it, I like the Boracay night scene. There are establishments that have live acoustic band performing while some places are just relaxed with the reggae music enhancing the experience. I personally love watching the fire dancers perform as they also do comedy skits and go an extra mile to make the trip of their viewers more memorable. Whether you’re a luxury or budget traveler, you have a good selection of resorts and hostels to choose from!


Machu Picchu and Peru’s Sacred Valley

Carrick Buss – Along For The Trip

Machu Picchu and Peru’s Sacred Valley are excellent choices for adventure seekers who love to visit places rich in culture and history. Surrounded by the Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu will delight explorers of all ages as you climb around the ruins. For the more adventurous and physically fit, you can take the 4-day hike along the Inca Trail to reach the ruins. Our family settled for the 20 minute bus ride to the top. Either way, you are in for a treat as you gaze down over the famous image of the terraced Incan citadel. This awe-inspiring place made our imaginations run wild with thoughts of the people who built it.

Although Machu Picchu will likely be the primary reason for visiting (and rightly so), Peru’s Sacred Valley has many other fantastic experiences. Schedule a daytrip to Chinchero, Moray, and Moras where you can learn about Quechuan textile making and the history behind those gorgeous alpaca wool garments. Tour ancient salt mines, and learn about Incan agriculture and technology from a knowledgeable local guide. Peru is a beautiful country with lovely people, and we think you’ll agree. To learn more, check out our feature article about the region.



Sonal & Sandro – Drifter Planet

It is difficult not to fall in love with Lisbon. The city is very pretty and every corner is picture perfect. From its cobbled streets to its brightly painted trams, Lisbon is surely a visual delight. Most of the architecture in this city is in hues of red and yellow, giving it a warm tone to compliment the overall weather here. I love Lisbon in spring and summer, because unlike most of the European destinations, the weather is usually sunny and warm here. Maybe it is the weather or “Lisbon Magic” but I saw a lot of happy people here. Happiness is contagious and I ended up having a very good time.



Joan Townsend Torres – Against The Compass 

Ladakh is a Himalayan region that belongs to a northern Indian state called Jammu & Kashmir, a place where authentic Tibetan people live. It’s often called ”little Tibet” and, for the Indians themselves, it is the best spot where to spend their vacations in India. Why? In India, chaos rules, it’s overpopulated and there’s traffic everywhere. Ladakh is a different place which differs from all these stereotypes. Here you find peace and silence, so that, combined with the stunning Himalayan landscape and the Tibetan culture visible in every corner, sometimes you may even forget that you are actually in India.

Ladakh is a high mountainous region and, since its lowest point is no less than 3,200 meters above sea level, in winter, it’s covered with snow and temperatures drop so low that the roads leading to Ladakh are closed from October to April. Therefore, the tourism season starts in April-May, summer being the best time to visit, as the weather becomes pleasant, and it’s definitely the best season for hiking. In Ladakh, there are hikes suitable for every kind of traveler: from 2-day short treks to 1-month treks that require a lot of experience. If you are not into hiking, exploring the different Tibetan monasteries and villages is also an amazing experience.



Ling & Guy – Travel-Ling

Dubrovnik is a fantastic Spring/Summer destination. With long, warm days, it’s the perfect city to explore, with an incredible history, beautiful architecture and, most importantly, golden beaches. In the heat of summer, walking within the walls of Old Town could get you a little hot and sweaty, but with beaches of clear, turquoise water only a short stroll away, you can have the best of both worlds. Seriously, some of our best beach days in Europe were spent here.

For the foodies amongst us, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to keep you happy, serving up generous servings of pizza, pasta, and seafood. There’s nothing like enjoying your meal in a small cobblestoned alley, surrounded by the buzzing atmosphere of a summer evening. If you prefer views with your meals and drinks, catch a cable car up Mount Srdj for breathtaking views of Old Town and beyond.

Venture out to Lokrum Island and enjoy an Eden-like sanctuary, with beautiful gardens, monastery remains and fresh swimming holes. There’s also day tours on offer to Herzegovnia, Bosnia and Mostrar, so you can tick off a few countries in a day (for those keeping score). And for the Game of Thrones fans amongst us, you can wander around old town and reminisce key scenes from the hit tv series.



Rashmi & Chalukya – Go Beyond Bounds

Malta is an archipelago in the Mediterranean with an enticing stretch of azure coastline and a legion of historical monuments and buildings. In fact, the capital city Valletta alone has a high concentration of 300 monuments with a well-preserved old world charm. Dwerja bay in Gozo the second island is the most visited location in Malta for its spectacular landscape with a bounty of geological wonders. Unfortunately, the iconic Azure window collapsed in a cyclone this year. But visitors can still explore the inland sea which is a beautiful lagoon connected to the Mediterranean sea through a narrow tunnel which allows boat rides. The third island of Malta is the scantily populated Comino.

The tiny island is popular for its Blue Lagoon bay with its crystal azure waters. Comino with an abundance of rocky cliffs, hillocks, coves, and caves is favorite with adventurists interested in hiking around exploring nature. The Mediterranean climate of Malta varies from mild winters to warm summers which make it an ideal escapade for spring/summer holidays. Soak up in the balmy beaches and feed your soul with intriguing Maltese history. A memorable vacation beckons!



Claudio & Jorge – Coupler TW

Granada, in Spain, is worldwide known because of Alhambra being a World Heritage Site and a finalist to the new 7 wonders of the world. You should definitely go to Granada in spring when the weather is milder and can enjoy the scenery, gardens and the several fountains. Alhambra means “the red one” because of the reddish tones of the castle. It is surrounded by mountains and forest, giving it a fantastic setting. The construction of the palace and fortress started with Muhammad I al-Ahmar in 1238, along the years were added palaces and gardens. Only in 1492, the Alhambra was surrendered to the Catholic Monarchs.

It is fair to say we liked Alhambra a lot, the views, the gardens and the design details are breathtaking. The monumental Complex is divided into four areas: Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces, Partal and Generalife. What makes Alhambra stunning is its architecture: 13 towers, column arcades, fountains with running water, Arab inscriptions imprinted in the walls, tile mosaics, and carved stucco work, the small details are fantastic. Reserve a full day for it, and try to buy the tickets online or else you will spend hours in the queue.



Laura-Celine – Birdgehls

Svalbard is surprisingly the kind of location that is worth visiting the whole year round, but I believe it is at its most beguiling during the spring and summer months.

As the archipelago is located pretty much as far north as you can get, it is shrouded in darkness during the winter (known as the Polar Night), whilst being flooded with sunlight 24/7 in midsummer. The entire town gathers together on March 8th, to welcome the sun back to the islands, an event which is known as ‘Solfestuka’.

During the shoulder seasons, the region moves seamlessly from sunrise to sunset, with its mountains turning pink in the soft, hazy light.

Svalbard really opens up for tourists during the summer months, with boat trips to the more isolated regions, such as Barentsburg, a Russian settlement and Pyramiden – a now abandoned mining town, which coincidentally also contains the northernmost statue of Lenin in the world! There’s also the opportunity to enjoy adventures that aren’t available during the arctic winter months, such as glacial hiking and kayaking around a fjord.


Algarve Coast

Sonja Thomson – Migrating Miss

In the south of Portugal on the Algarve Coast white washed villages perch on the top of cliffs kissed by the bright blue Mediterranean sea. There’s something for everyone between Faro and Lagos, from huge resorts to picturesque villas, authentic restaurants to party bars and secluded coves to busy beaches where you can hire kayaks or go on boat trips into caves.

Every place along the coast has its own character, so be sure to travel along and experience the diversity of the Algarve. Being so far south, the Algarve will warm up before much of Europe so it’s perfect for a shoulder season or summer visit. Look no further for a beach holiday where you can laze on golden sand beaches, swim in alluring blue seas, sample delicious food at reasonable prices and walk the cobbled streets of historic towns.


Phu Quoc Island

Melissa, Andy & Myla – Thrifty Family Travels

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam is the ideal place to spend a few days during the warmer months.

Phu Quoc is a sleepy little island with the most amazing beaches. Most of the accommodation is found at Long Beach or Ong Lang Beach. Both beaches have calm, warm water perfect for swimming with beautiful white sandy beaches. You can stay in basic beach bungalows only a few metres from the shore.

The beaches are dotted with tiny little bars and cafes – perfect for watching the most amazing sunsets. Spend your days swimming, sunbathing, and having massages right on the beach. Explore other beaches like Sao Bai and check out the local villages along the way.

I love this place for all the reasons above but most of all I love the laid-back vibe of this place. However, this sleepy island is set for big things with development happening all over the island – so if you want to experience the magic of Phu Quoc I suggest you visit it sooner rather than later.



Dawn Nicholson – 5 Lost Together

Istanbul, a city that combines the best of Europe and Asia should be on your summer bucket list this year. The city feels exotic and you will be enchanted by the history, culture, and energy of Istanbul. With spectacular architecture, bustling markets, delicious foods and genuine hospitality, Istanbul offers a great blend of east and west. This modern, cosmopolitan city is alive with energy and the contrast between old and new creates a captivating dynamic. The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia are must sees and you can spend hours exploring the Grand Bazaar.

The Bosporus River flows through the city, with Asia on one side and Europe on another. Take a boat cruise or ferry on the Bosporus to see the city from a different vantage point as you watch the sunset. Roam the streets and drop into the cafes and restaurants to get a real feel of Istanbul away from the tourist crowds. After a long day of walking, relax in a Turkish bath, a hammam and soak your weary feet. There have been increased concerns about the political situation in Istanbul in the last year, but don’t let that scare you from visiting.


Washington (State)

Sarah & Nathan – Discover The Pacific North West

Known as the Evergreen State, Washington truly is very green. Unfortunately, the reason for that is a heck of a lot of rain in the winter months which helps to keep the abundance of nature lush and vibrant. The good news is that during late spring and summer when the gray skies recede, and the sun makes a long overdue appearance there really is no more beautiful place on earth than the Pacific Northwest.

The state of Washington boasts everything that a top spring and summer destination requires. Here you have majestic mountains for hiking and gorgeous coastline for relaxing and beachcombing. There are rainforests and evergreen woods and sparkling clear rivers and lakes to cool you off or go to boating on. Not a huge nature lover? No problem. There are trendy cities like Seattle and quaint towns like Leavenworth to explore and for the foodie, there is no end to the high-quality tastes of local and international cuisine. Add to all of this the world class wine being produced in beautiful Eastern Washington Wine Country and the hundreds of craft breweries popping up all over the state and you will find that all of your senses are satiated and your summer vacation is a huge success.

There are plenty of options to see the state and the best recommended would be a local car service. A Washington DC Car Service will make sure you’re getting from point A to point B with minimal effort. To see the best of what the bustling city or the outskirts have to offer, do book their services! Their team won’t fail to impress!


Barbara Wagner – Jet-Settera

Sicily is a must visit destination for this Summer, because it has beautiful beaches, volcanoes, islands, great food, and a rich history. The main cities to visit on the island of Sicily are Catania, which is famous for its large fish market and baroque architecture. Taormina is a small but beautiful city that attracts a lot of tourists because of its beautiful layout. It is situated on the top of a mountain overlooking the sea. It has an ancient Greek theatre.

The city is really stunning and it is a must for everyone, who visits Sicily. Siracusa, has a beautiful white old town on the island of Ortygia. The city is surrounded by turquoise beaches. Here tourists can find the another Ancient Greek theatre, where Archimedes was buried. Other beautiful cities to discover are Ragusa, Palermo or the Aeolians Islands.



Natalie Deduck – Love And Road

Bali is hotter than ever before! The Island of Gods is definitely one of the best 2017 summer destinations. From May to September the island has its driest months with sunshine, warm temperatures and a lot of waves. Denpasar and Kuta Beach, the main urban areas of Bali are overcrowded, but if you go north or southwest you can find tiny fisherman villages, endless rice paddies, pristine beaches and amazing hotels. Bali is the paradise for nature lovers, surfers, yoga enthusiasts and anyone that appreciates good food, unique culture, and lovely people. After spending two months there it was hard to leave.

The Bali Blues still haunts me when I talk about the best things to do in Bali and how good is to spend the summer there. Flights to Indonesia might be a bit expensive, but once you are there the costs of food and accommodation are really cheap if compared to Europe and USA. Beautiful, cheap and with some hidden gems, Bali is definitely one of the top destinations of 2017.


Looking for more Bali travel tips? Check out our Bali Travel Hub Page


Abel Tasman National Park (New Zealand)

Dan Conerd – Global Giraffe

If there was ever a place that I could recommend to check out for spring/summer 2017, it would be Abel Tasman National Park on New Zealand’s South Island. Now I know this place gets blogged about a million times over again, but I’m here to tell you that this place really does live up to all the hype. Now I know what you’re thinking, “well isn’t it cold in New Zealand during our spring/summer?” Well, the quick answer is no. The peak season is from October to April, but we did our 4-day hike on the Abel Tasman trail in the middle of May. The best part of going in May it’s not as hot and we basically had the trail to ourselves. Be prepared for a little bit of rain and of course wherever you go in New Zealand, be sure to purchase a little bottle of “goodbye sandfly”. This entire area is one of New Zealand’s must go to spots and if New Zealand is on your 2017 radar, then you can’t miss Abel Tasman National Park!



Alex & Sebastiaan – Lost With Purpose

Kazakhstan, a huge country in Central Asia, might not be top of mind for a spring vacation. But with its cosmopolitan cities, beautiful nature, friendly people, visa-free travel, and cheap prices, Kazakhstan is a great place for a springtime holiday.

Almaty, the country’s largest city, is a great introduction to Kazakhstan. With its lively bazaars, technicolored Russian church, friendly population, and cosmopolitan wining and dining scene, Almaty has something for everyone.

But a trip to Kazakhstan isn’t complete without exploring its vast wilderness. The gorgeous blue lakes of Kolsai, about a day’s travel east of Almaty, are the perfect place to get away from it all and immerse yourself in nature. Camping is possible, but for a more Kazakh experience, you can sleep in traditional yurts! Once you’re done scaling the lush mountains, the epic (and dry) Charyn Canyon is nearby for yet more hiking.

For history buffs, the magnificent Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi awaits. You can find this enormous Timurid wonder in Turkestan, a day’s travel west of Almaty. On your way to Turkestan, make sure to stop over in Shymkent to visit its bazaar and one of the many national parks around the city.

So, whether you prefer mountains or museums, make sure to consider a couple of weeks in Kazakhstan’s Almaty region this coming spring.


South Korea

Alice Teacake – Tea Cake Travels

One of the most magical, beautiful wonders of South Korea that’s firmly cherished in my mind whilst teaching English there in Spring, are the fluffy white and pink Cherry Blossoms. Gently coming out to play for only 2 weeks of the year, this lovely spectacle needs to be captured quick before they all fly away across the mountains!

South Koreans are strongly proud of this natural wonder and if you even mention the cherry blossoms in Japan, be prepared to cause havoc.

The window into experiencing endless street-lined cherry blossom trees is generally in the last week of March and the first week of April. You might catch some before or after that, but it’s not guaranteed. Be quick! South Korea has plenty of festivals across the country to attend this Spring phenomena. You can go small and local (which is a delightful experience in itself) or you can go full throttle and journey to the big daddies.

One of my favourite spots is the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival. It’s a massive affair drawing in around 2 million tourists every year but I love the tunnels of cherry blossoms they have here. The festival this year is running from April 1st to the 10th, just in case you’ve got your finger on that plane ticket purchase!

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Faroe Islands

Margherita and Nick – The Crowded Planet

Out of all the places we visited last year, there’s none we loved more than the Faroe Islands! These remote islands in the North Atlantic are a true paradise for nature lovers, and spring/summer is definitely the best time to visit – winter is way too cold! We spent one week in the Faroe Islands, driving down scenic streets overlooking cliffs and fjords, meeting many more sheep than people.

There are some wonderful hikes you can do in the Faroe Islands, and some truly spectacular places to visit like Mykines, our favourite Faroese island. Mykines is a very small island, only a couple of miles long, and in summer it’s a stop on the migration route of MILLIONS (yes, millions) of birds like the puffin, gannets, Arctic terns, oystercatchers and many more. If you love photographing birds, Mykines is basically paradise!



Natalia – My Trip Hack

Estonia is a gem in Baltics with beautiful nature, numerous heritage places, nice people and one of the key selling points, in my opinion, great Wi-Fi connectivity almost everywhere in the big cities. If you are a freelancer or a remote worker, how cool it is to be connected every now and then in the park, fort, bus or just at a random bench of the station.

Let’s go back from the technology to the touristic side of the country. Estonia can offer numerous experiences during summers. Whether you are fond of architecture, cultural activities, you are a beach lover or you would like to spend some time surrounded by the pristine natural parks – you find all of these in Estonia.

There is also a great news for the ultimate backpackers – you can do Estonia for 20 EUR/day (though your experience will be much more enriching if you make it 25EUR). To back up my opinions with a strong brand – in 2016, Estonia was number one best value destination according to Lonely Planet.

I do hope at least one of the arguments above has convinced you to plan a trip to Estonia and discover this country!


So many amazing places – and only a few months to explore before the temps start dropping again. Whatever destination you choose the most important thing is that you are out of the house – that you are traveling – and that you ae exploring this vast and incredible world we live in!

Enjoy the Summer guys!!! 

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32 Summer Destinations to inspire you to pack your bags and see the world! 32 Summer Destinations to inspire you to pack your bags and see the world! 32 Summer Destinations to inspire you to pack your bags and see the world!