4 Considerations A Smoking Traveler Needs To Make

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Around the world, smoking is one of the most common habits. In fact, as per smoking-related surveys from Our World in Data, almost 1 in 4 adults smokes tobacco. This means that over 23% of the population enjoys cigarettes on a regular basis. That said, with international travel picking back up, it’s only natural that a large portion of these smokers will be traveling sometime soon. However, traveling for smokers is not always the most straightforward because of new tobacco rules and regulations. Therefore, if you’re a smoker who’s getting ready to travel, here are some things to keep in mind before you set sail.

Cigarette smoking isn’t allowed on most transport options

First and foremost, smoking is definitely not allowed on most transportation options. This includes trains, buses, taxis, and planes. Anyone foolish enough to light up a cigarette in any of these vehicles will be fined and even jailed for their actions. For example, in the US, you can be arrested for failure to comply with a cabin crew’s verbal instructions to put out your cigarette. Interestingly, though, you can smoke in certain private accommodations. This includes certain suites on ships, smoking lounges on trains, and some chartered flights. Regardless of what mode of transportation you’re riding on, most transport providers include their smoking policies in their FAQs, so it’s pretty easy to check beforehand.

Tobacco alternatives are accessible options

For many smokers, even if they are willing to give up smoking temporarily as they travel, it is hard to ignore the symptoms of smoking cessation. These can include moodiness, lethargy, and headaches—all of which can dampen any trip. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to find tobacco- and smoke-free alternatives even in countries where cigarette smoking is highly regulated. For starters, nicotine pouches are a discreet and effective option that is gaining worldwide acceptance. In Prilla’s post on the popularity of nicotine pouches, it’s noted that these products are easy to come by in most regions including Europe, South-East Asia, and the Americas. In these areas, smokers can easily find a variety of nicotine pouches with different flavors and strengths that can tide them throughout their trip. Since pouches are also a mess-free option, they’re easier to dispose of while you’re out and about. Alternatively, nicotine gum is also a great option since it can be bought without a prescription in most places. That said, this latter option won’t be as easy to enjoy in places where chewing gum publicly is prohibited.

Mobile apps can help locate smoking areas

Even in some of the most cigarette-tolerant nations, smoking publicly can be illegal. Consequently, it has become a popular recourse for establishments to designate smoking areas for patrons. Case in point, Reuters’ article on Tokyo’s recent ban reveals that many restaurants and pubs have invested in creating smoking rooms to accommodate cigarette users. However, since many of these designated smoking areas are only privately set up, they can be hard to find on your own. This is especially true for foreign visitors who do not understand the local language. Thankfully, a number of handy mobile apps have been created to address this issue. Through these apps, visitors can easily navigate their way to the closest smoking area. For instance, in Japan, the Smoking Area Map uses GPS to identify the closest smoking areas to a user. Additionally, the app also includes ratings from previous users so visitors can better decide where they want to enjoy their cigarette break.

Not all countries sell smoking paraphernalia

Although smoking is a habit prevalent around the world, not all countries have the same diverse range of related paraphernalia. Depending on the region, some places may have very limited offerings. This means it may be hard to find your preferred brand or type of cigarette. For instance, tobacco products in New Zealand are being drastically reduced. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to buy cigarettes in supermarkets or corner stores in the country. As such, packing the right smoking products is among the top “Things You Should Consider Ahead of Your Next Trip”. By doing so, you can at least have your preferred cigarettes while you’re in a specific country. However, some countries do have stricter regulations on what type of cigarettes can be brought into the country, so it helps to double-check.

Admittedly, traveling for smokers can be quite tricky. But with the right research and early preparation, smokers can still enjoy their trips without fear of cigarette withdrawal, nasty cravings, or hefty fines.


About the author: Freddie Burke has been a freelance writer for almost 5 years. He enjoys photography, camping, traveling, riding his Vespa around town, and otherwise spends time at the computer.