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4 Tips for Eating Like a Local While Travelling Through Maine

It’s quiet. It’s tucked away. And it’s absolutely gorgeous during the Fall. Maine is a stunning state that offers a lot when it comes to beautiful vistas. Besides it’s wonderful views and scenery, Maine is also known for another commodity: its seafood.

Whether you’re a seafood lover or a casual seafood eater, Maine is the place to be if you’re looking for some of the best seafood you’ll ever eat. But, with so many different varieties of seafood and ways to cook it, it can be confusing if you’re not intimately familiar with seafood.

If you’re in Maine, where should you go for the freshest seafood? What are the best ways to prepare these dishes? There’s only one way to eat in Maine, and that’s to eat like the locals. Here are some excellent places to try out if you want to eat like the locals in Maine.

The Farmer’s Market

All over the globe, there’s always been a war raging between big chain restaurants and local producers. Today, eating locally has seen a resurgence. Supporting the local neighborhoods is a big deal and, often times, many claim that the local food is the best food. If you were to ask a local about one of the best ways to eat, they would suggest the Farmer’s Market.

With many Farmer’s Market’s spread throughout Maine, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one selling fresh seafood ingredients. Since Maine is known for its seafood, buying food from a Farmer’s Market in this state can give you a unique experience since many states don’t have access to a fresh supply of seafood ingredients.

It’s a can’t-miss opportunity that should be taken advantage of when travelling through the state.

The Docks


While the Farmer’s Market will allow you to get the freshest ingredients, it’s the docks and their sellers that will allow you to buy the actual fish and seafood. Many times, you can drive straight to the docks and walk right down. You’ll be able to see the fish being brought in off the boats and right into the hands of the sellers.

There’s nothing like watching a fisherman carry their supply of fish off the boat and plot it down onto the seller’s table. You’d be hard pressed to find this experience anywhere else in the United States. Indeed, Maine is a special place when it comes to fresh seafood. However, if you happen to live outside of Maine, it may be difficult to get genuine, live Maine lobster. If that is the case, there are actually places that offer fresh lobster deliveries right to your home.

The Maine Lobster Festival


Every year, a special event is held in Maine. As you can tell from the name, the focus of this festival is none other than fresh and delicious lobster.

In other parts of the country, finding lobster isn’t hard. But, finding fresh lobster is the real issue. At the Maine Lobster Festival, you can revel in the copious amounts of lobster you’ll find. Not only that, but you’ll discover so many ways to cook lobster. With so many varying combinations, you’ll be in heaven with the sheer amount of lobster variations on hand.

Local Restaurants

Keeping big chain restaurants out of the picture, there are an abundant amount of seafood restaurants that you can visit that will give you that authentic Maine experience. One of these restaurants is named Barnacle Billy’s.

Sitting on a hill that overlooks a harbor, the gorgeous visuals you’ll find at the restaurant pale in comparison to the food you’ll be eating. The restaurant is known for a couple of dishes. First, it serves up a fantastic lobster roll. This goes excellent with the clam chowder. The restaurant also sports a service counter, so you can walk up, order and walk down to the harbor to enjoy your food.

Another superb local restaurant is called The Captain’s Restaurant. Built in a more traditional and old-fashioned style, this restaurant allows you to come in and sit down while you enjoy a variety of seafood dishes. For starters, you can get your seafood served to you in different ways. Whether you like your seafood grilled, baked or fried, The Captain’s Restaurant has you covered.

They also serve something that’s a staple in Maine – Fried clams. Fried clams are on tap and are outstanding. They’ll make your mouth water and are well worth the trip.

Maine is full of delicious seafood. With so many ways to eat, you’ll never get bored. If you ever find yourself travelling through Maine, keep these tips in mind and try out one of these ways to enjoy the freshest seafood!

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