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5 Fantastic Reasons to Travel by Bike

5 Fantastic Reasons to Travel by Bike

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Many people don’t think of biking as a travel option. They only do it for fun and often for short distances. But there are many more benefits than just pedaling for fun. 


Whether you are exploring your local neighborhood or venturing on a cross-country tour, biking helps you exercise, enjoy fresh air, and have new adventures. It’s also a great way to build your navigational skills and socialize with like-minded people. 


Before we explore the major benefits of traveling by bike, let’s first understand what to do if you get injured in a bicycle accident. 

What to Do if You’re Worried About Bicycle Accidents

Any safety-conscious biker will have all the safety gear and observe applicable traffic or biking rules. However, being careful and having the right gear does not eliminate the possibility of a bicycle accident. 


If the unfortunate happens and you get involved in an accident, calling 911 should be the first thing to do. If your injuries are not severe, collect as much evidence as possible before leaving the scene. This includes photos, witness contacts and statements, and the driver’s information. 


Most importantly, get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn about your legal recovery options, especially if another driver was at fault. 

Common Benefits of Cycling

  1. Cycling Makes You Fit and Healthy

Traveling by bike is an excellent way to get and stay fit for various reasons. 


For example, biking boosts your cardiovascular health by improving your breathing and circulation. If you make it a habit, you can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by a significant margin. 


Cycling also works your mental muscles by encouraging you to focus on the present moment and practice mindfulness while on the road. Therefore, biking can be a perfect escape route if you are in a stressful phase in your life. 

  1. Cycling Gives You a Closer Feel of Nature

Unlike driving which puts you inside a sealed space with little interaction with your surroundings, biking puts you right in the middle of it all.


You get to see and smell nature in a whole new way. Simply put, you can get a closer view of animals, plants, and natural landmarks and even touch them.


Moreover, bike travel allows you to take more interesting routes than highways and car-only lanes. You can easily go through smaller, beautiful roads, parks, and streets to reach your destination.

  1. Biking can be Cheaper than Driving.

The price of gas, tolls, and parking can add up quickly when you’re driving. These and other vehicle-related costs can make driving a more expensive form of transportation. 


While some bikes may also require basic maintenance like oil changes and new tires, they are much cheaper to acquire and maintain. In fact, you can even get free bikes from local organizations

  1. Bicycle Travel is Environmentally Friendly

Bike travel is environmentally friendly and sustainable, both short and long term. 


For instance, bikes don’t emit CO2, which is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution. This is a major problem with other means of transport that rely on fuel, such as cars and airplanes. 


In the long term, bicycles don’t leave behind the same carbon footprint as other modes of transport. When they get old, bicycle parts can easily be replaced or used for other purposes. 

  1. Biking Offers Unmatched Flexibility

When traveling by bike, you are in total control of your trip. You can choose when to start your journey, which routes to use, and where to stop for snacks or meals. 


Furthermore, unlike in a car, where you have to move at the speed of traffic, cycling allows you to control your pace as you enjoy your travel experience. And if you want to take photos of beautiful scenery, you can do it without struggling to find a parking spot.