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5 Remote Countries to See on a Student Budget

A Food Fun Travel Guest Post

To our travel-ready readers and our wanderlusts seeking new adventures, look no further. The world is an oyster and it’s yours, so for those who are looking to book the next flight but have no destination in mind, here are some fresh ideas.

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Moving on, here are some top-notch destinations for your bucket list: 

Czech Republic (Prague)

The Czech Republic is worth visiting and one of our top recommendations for wanderlusts. We specifically recommend visiting the capital city, Prague. This city is absolutely beautiful and has actually been named the number one most beautiful city in Europe very recently by Time Out after they had surveyed people across the globe. Apparently, 83% of those surveyed, chose Prague as the number one. 

Prague isn’t exactly remote, in fact, it can get pretty crowded in peak seasons. However, it’s definitely worth checking out for its culture, architecture, and overall attractiveness. So, count this as an exception.

Not only that, this city is highly recommendable for students because it’s extremely cheap compared to other European cities like London or Paris. Getting accommodation is cheap, food is cheap, transport is cheap. It’s a student’s heaven. 



Myanmar is special, to say the least. It really could count as those faraway lands that look like they’re straight out of a video game. Since it’s located in Southeast Asia, you should be prepared to see some astounding views. Travelers can expect:

  • Pagodas
  • Monasteries 
  • Beautiful temples and lakes 

The country is rich with spiritual influence and old and majestic architecture. And Myanmar’s people have a great reputation for being friendly and welcoming to tourists. Of course, the country is cheap, too. Price estimates for students are looking good. $3 for meals, $10 for a hostel bed, and just around $2 for a taxi ride. It’s a perfect country when you’re traveling on a budget.


Nepal is cheap but that’s not really the main reason why we think our student readers should go there. It’s absolutely breathtaking. The air is fresh since it’s where the Himalayas are. If you’re into the esoteric and eastern religions, then the Buddhist temples are there for you to see and visit. Nature is lush and rich with greenery. 

There’s a lot to do and a lot to see. Accommodation can be as cheap as $3, and that’s in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Guesthouses go up to $5 or $6, but even that is still a steal in our eyes. Transport is mainly through buses, and they can cost $5 or more.

Food, on the other hand, can be as low as $1. That’s nothing compared to European countries or somewhere in the U.S. For our students who like a little adventure, and want to have an unforgettable travel experience, then Nepal should be up there on your bucket list. It’s a far-off location, but that’s what travel is about. And if you’re still confused then this list might give you some more ideas for the brainstorming process.

Chile (Easter Island) 

Easter Island with its giant megalithic statue heads has been a persistently fascinating part of our world for many historians and travelers alike. It’s largely remote since it’s an island, and the population is around 7000 inhabitants.

There are many cheap flight tickets to Chile, and Chile itself isn’t too pricey. Definitely worth the packing and the commute, since students can be left with quite a unique experience. An experience above the standard tourist-packed cities and resorts that many people go to. 

For our remote students, flying out to islands like Easter Island is probably a dream come true, but there are so many options and the world is a big place. For those who are running out of ideas, here are some viable options that are worth considering and that might be your next favorite trip. It’s time to take advantage of that online privilege. 

Indonesia (Bali)

Bali is as popular as it can get, but for good reasons. The food is cheap, the landscapes are beautiful, and for our spiritual readers, you’re going to get a load of their unique and spiritual temples and architecture. 

Bali is famous for digital nomads and some packs of it are packed with tourists and travelers, but many places in Bali are still beautiful and worth visiting, and Indonesia itself is a cheap and beautiful country that is worth its hype. 

So, for our readers who prefer the sun and the tropical weather, pack your bags and get going to Indonesia before all the tickets get sold out again. 

Final Thoughts

All of the countries and places we’ve listed down are top contenders on beauty, magnificence, and a great time for our student travelers, so we hope our readers actually end up in one of these places in the next months to come.