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5 Uniques Dining Experiences In Seattle

5 Uniques Dining Experiences In Seattle


A Food Fun Travel Guest Post

Seattle has long been a draw for travelers who enjoy the unrivaled natural beauty surrounding a stylish and modern city. From outstanding mountain views to the harbor pier’s old-world charm, Seattle has a lot to offer visitors, including various unique dining experiences.

Just about any culinary craving can be satisfied on your trip to Seattle. The freshest types of seafood, local aboriginal flavors, and live entertainment make this jewel of the Pacific Northwest a favorite dining enthusiast.

Whether you have just moved to the area and want to explore some new restaurants or are only in town for a few days staying at your company’s temporary housing, here are a few of Seattle’s most unique dining experiences to try and enjoy.

The Pink Door

The Pink Door has been a Seattle favorite for entertaining dining for almost 30 years. Whether you are seated indoors under the 20-foot ceilings with swinging trapeze artists, or on the patio taking in the stunning view of Puget Sound, you will feel the charm and whimsy of this gourmet establishment. Indulge on authentic Italian entrees like seafood cioppino and saffron stuffed arancini while you take in a lineup of tap dancers, opera, classical cello, and burlesque dancers. The Pink Room is a great place to enjoy a small escape from boring dining.


If you are craving an authentic Moroccan experience, you can’t miss a meal at Marrakesh. Located in Belltown’s historic district, Marrakesh goes beyond the imagination to recreate an Arabian Nights style spread. Get immersed in the tradition and laid back vibe while seated on plush cushions and diving into your meal with your hands. Marrakech offers authentic Morraccan meals served in five courses that will leave you deliriously satisfied. Wonder at the professional belly dancers’ entertainment and finish off your meal with delicious baklava and mint tea.

Cafe Nordo

If you are looking for dinner and a show, you can’t miss the unique and fun experience of Cafe Nordo. The dining space is continually transformed to immerse you in the performance from the interior of a 1960’s jetliner to a saloon in the Old West. The whole restaurant, including the patrons, become part of the show. Enjoy some of the finest local seafood and traditional dishes while you watch the exhibition take place right next to your table.


If you are a pasta lover, Bizarro is the place to be in Seattle. Not only will you be delighted at the variety of traditional and innovative Italian pasta dishes on the menu, but you will also spend each minute in wonder taking in your surroundings. Opened in 1986 by visual artist and chef David Nast, this inspired space is one of a kind. You will find yourself seated under a canopy of bicycles hung from the ceiling, original artwork and murals on the walls, and talented waitstaff that will serenade you at your table. If you are looking for a restaurant that is a feast for your eyes and your stomach, visiting Bizzarro is a must.

The Herbfarm

If you are looking for a bit of indulgent dining, you can’t miss the once in a lifetime experience at the Herbfarm. With only one privately reserved seating per night, you can enjoy a regularly changing tasting experience filled with locally grown wines and entrees. Your evening will start with a wine tasting in the garden and move to the enchanting dining room where you will begin your multi-course meal. You can even spend the night in one of the guest rooms if you want to indulge yourself.

Seattle has so much beauty, culture, and entertainment to offer its residents and visitors. If you are looking for a unique dining experience to discover for the first time or to share, try one of these unique restaurants that will leave you wanting to revisit Seattle again and again.