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5 Ways You’re Losing Money During International Travel and What to Do Instead

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International travel is one of the best things you can do if you want to broaden your horizons. By visiting other countries and seeing what life is like there, you will gain an appreciation of your place in the world. You will understand what it is to be a global citizen.

Before you book MCO transportation and get your passport ready, though, you should consider some of the common ways that people lose money during international travel. Traveling to other countries can get expensive fast, and you’ll want to pay attention to this list of tips that we’ve compiled for keeping the total price tag as low as possible.

Don’t Travel First Class

Traveling first class is nice. You can usually get alcoholic beverages and better snacks than what’s being offered back in coach.

However, if you fly first class, you might not have as much money to do things once you get to your destination. Unless you have unlimited funds for your vacation, you may want to forego first-class travel and save the money you’d spend on this unnecessary luxury.

Use Public Transportation

Before you travel internationally, you will probably want to research the public transportation options in the city or country you’re visiting. It might be faster or more convenient to hail a taxi, but public transportation is certain to be less expensive.

Try to plan out your sightseeing by studying the public transportation route you’ll take before leaving your hotel. You should also ensure you have the proper monetary denomination before getting on a bus or train.

Stay in a Hostel


If you want to save money, staying at a hostel is often cheaper than booking a hotel. You are likely to meet some fun people who are also trying to explore this new city on a budget. Before booking a stay at a hostel, though, make sure to read some reviews of it to make sure it’s safe. You don’t want to stay at one where there’s a chance you’ll be robbed or where you’ll have some other equally unpleasant experience.

Eat Street Food Instead of Going to Fancy Restaurants

Eating at a fancy restaurant might appeal to you while you’re traveling internationally, but that can eat into your budget very quickly. You might be better off getting items from a grocery store or buying lunch from a street vendor. You may be able to afford a couple of nice meals while traveling internationally, but don’t do it too often.

Don’t Give Money to Beggars

You might feel bad if you pass people begging and don’t give them money. If you’re traveling on a shoestring budget, though, you probably can’t afford to be too generous. Also, it’s sometimes unsafe to stop and get your wallet out when someone asks for a handout. If you have some food, you might give it to them instead.

Any of these money-saving ideas can help you drive down your trip’s cost. You can travel pretty cheaply if you follow these tips.