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6 Travel Destinations Flower Lovers Will Definitely Fall in Love With

6 Travel Destinations Flower Lovers Will Definitely Fall in Love With

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Flowers are symbols of purity, strength, and consciousness. They have for eons become symbols of love, happiness, good health, and wealth. They have decorated many dining tables, decorated weddings, baby showers, and even helped to console the bereaved.

These are among the many reasons multitudes of people love them and travel around the globe in pursuit of their qualities and attributes. If you happen to be one of the millions of travelers who are also flower enthusiasts, this piece is for you. 

Below are some destinations you might consider visiting (or even revisiting) if you love flowers. 

1. Asia, Peonies

For those who love authentic flowers, visiting Asia can take your breath away. Asia has favorable climatic conditions and it’s perhaps for this reason that most fields will be carpeted by the most exotic flowers come the right season. 

Alongside the likes of chrysanthemums, lotuses, camellias, azaleas, and plum blossoms, peonies are among the most popular flowers on the Asian continent. As seen on The Bouqs Co website, they can also be arranged in a variety of ways to create an extremely stunning bouquet for those who want to send something colorful to their loved ones back home.

There are many places to see peonies in Asia, including: 

  • Luoyang Peony Garden – China
  • Sukagawa Peony Garden, Fukushima – Japan

2. France, the Lavender Fields

Lavenders are not only glorious to look at but have a pleasant smell as well. These fields in France receive flower enthusiasts from all over the world. The Lavender fields of France have a backdrop of great picturesque hills. It’s during the months of summer that you’ll find these flowers in full bloom.

3. Morocco, the Almond Blossoms

Almonds spring from trees and there’s not a better view than when these trees are in their best colors. While in these fields, ensure to enquire about some of the almond products produced in the region, as they will be captivating. There are also events surrounding the blossoming of these flowers which are filled with pomp and color.

4. California, Poppies

Are you captivated by the name? You should. The Poppies in the Antelope Valley transform the Mojave Desert into this spectacular view. It almost becomes an ocean of colorful poppies. There are also other wildflowers but most of them will only not be visible when the poppies come to full bloom.

5. The United Kingdom, Bluebells

Take a tour through the Bluebell woods and experience a field of fresh air. The best thing about these floral fields is that you can take excursions with your family or friends for that matter. For your information, it’s an open space not far away from civilization.

6. Netherlands, Tulips

Despite hosting one of Europe’s most beautiful villages, Holland is also among the best places to see tulips in the western world. The backdrops in these tulip fields, especially the ones located in Noordoostpolder are to die for. There are also windmills within range to provide you with great photo-taking opportunities. 

It’s no wonder the month of May (springtime) is filled with celebrations right from when these beauties come to full bloom. There you have it; the above are some of the most visited flower-filled destinations in the world. Ensure to know the seasons in which the aforementioned flowers are at their best character.