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7 Budget-Friendly Hotels In Abu Dhabi

7 Budget-Friendly Hotels In Abu Dhabi

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Budget hotels aren’t immediately associated with the United Arab Emirates; instead, people think of extravagant breakfast banquettes, outlandish decor, and hotels with so much gold overlay that it gives even the greatest spenders a golden complex. However, Abu Dhabi is not only a destination for billionaires on extended weekends and business travellers with limitless spending accounts. Several tourists might be passing through on their way to a once-in-a- lifetime vacation. They can save costs on lodging, and Abu Dhabi offers excellent lodging options. The best cheap hotels in Abu Dhabi are listed further down.

Image by Neil Dodhia from Pixabay

Aparthotel Adagio Abu Dhabi Al Bustan

The Corniche, with its boutique stores and sculptural towers, maybe a 20-minute drive from where you are in central Zone 1. Even yet, it’s just 10 minutes to the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, with its icicle-white minarets and igloo-like domes, and even less time to the beautiful Mangrove National Park, where you can take daydreaming kayaking excursions along lush bird-filled canals. This is a cheap hotel in Abu Dhabi that has spacious, modern-sleek rooms with mattresses that seem to hover and designer amenities.

Jannah Burj Al Sarab

This budget-friendly five-star hotel in Abu Dhabi, which is close to the Seafront, has three sumptuous restaurants and bars to choose from as well as a rooftop pool and gym. Large wood and cushioned textile headboards, double-height windows that look out into the city and its glistening lagoons, and bathrooms with caramel-coloured granite all contribute to the rooms’ chocolate-box luxury. The magnificent Abu Dhabi Mall, as well as the more conventional carpet street markets and meat and fruit markets near Zayed Port, are also just a few minutes away.

Marriott Hotel Downtown

A continual stream of Ferraris and other brand-new supercars owned by the super-rich are driven towards the Beachfront on Arterial Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Street, which is a startling sight. And here is where you’ll discover Abu Dhabi’s stunning five-star hotel that is also reasonably priced. With sideboards finished in white lacquer, trim made of wood that has a teak tone, and polished gold accents, the rooms are as shiny and brilliant as a Duty-Free fragrance display. The views of the city from the rear are so beautiful that you’ll spend most of your first day shooting pictures with your backside to the window.

Al Rawda Arjaan by Rotana

This 109-studio and suite inexpensive hotel, which is almost within the wireless credit card range of the enormous Al Wahda Mall, is perfect if you want to get some exercise and explore Abu Dhabi’s plethora of attractions. It is also close to the other attractions in the central downtown area. The marine blue, white, and walnut colour palette, polished tiled flooring, and glistening marble bathrooms give the rooms a high-end vibe without being over the top. The hotel Beach Rotana’s own beach, which is just a 10-minute drive away, is also available for your use

Centro Al Manhal

It’s a little disappointing that the terrace pool at this hotel is surrounded by an unacceptably tall wall and lacks a view, but that shouldn’t take away from the notion that you may swim while being showered in golden sunshine. Although the rooms at this budget hotel in Abu Dhabi are more cramped than others on our list, the prices are still much cheaper. Even though they may be smaller than the customarily abnormally generous Abu Dhabi standards, no cost was spared in the design and finish, which includes marble-topped side tables and sideboards and a beautiful headboard encircled by mirrors to maximize light

Photo by Nik Lanús on Unsplash

Photo by Nik Lanús on Unsplash

Grand Millennium Al Wahda

The Al Wahda Mall, the hotel’s eponymous retail mecca, is towered over by this enormous structure that seems like it belongs in the Star Wars world thanks to its rocket booster-like towers. With a moderate biscuit-toned colour scheme that adds contrast to the pastel blue, coral, and green accents in the plush furnishings, stylishly simple light fixtures and opulent bathrooms, the interior is less Death Star-like and more cinematic.

Cristal Hotel Abu Dhabi

Because of Abu Dhabi’s very high standards for lodging, you can often anticipate five- star amenities like a spa, gym, swimming pool, and restaurant even in more modestly priced hotels. And this more modest business hotel in the heart of the financial area, close to the bustle of shops and eateries, demonstrates the point. Although not aesthetically ground-breaking, rooms are substantially sized, immaculately clean, and as comfortable as one could expect to find in this hectic megacity