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7 Costa Rica Villa Amenities to Enjoy Between Surfing Sessions

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There are many amazing activities to enjoy in Costa Rica, but its world-class golden beaches are especially attractive for those who love surfing. That being said, surfers will want to ensure the villa they chose has other amenities that will help boost their surfing adventures. To help you find the perfect spot, and enjoy your Costa Rican getaway to the fullest, here are seven Costa Rica villa amenities to enjoy between surfing sessions: 


1. Poolside Relaxation 

When your body needs a rest from the demanding nature of surfing, you still might want to enjoy the beautiful temperature and waters that Costa Rica has to offer. By looking for villas with perfect poolside culture and stylish pool installations, you can rest assured that you can spend the vast majority of your vacation in some type of body of water. Many also have their pools located next to swim-up bars, so you can have that much more of a relaxing (or wild) time between surfing sessions. You’ll want to seek out villas with luxuries such as a private chef (which we’ll discuss later), and other amazing offerings! 


2. Social Clubs and Events

Surfing alone can be thrilling, but it’s also a great time to have a surfing buddy to challenge you. In some cases, you might even want to seek out someone you can mentor to become a better, more responsible surfer. Even if you just want to socialize with fellow resort goers, having a villa that has some type of social club or group events is the perfect way to mingle. Even if you’re the shy type, the friendly locals working at the villa will help you make connections that could potentially last a lifetime. On a side note, it’s always a good idea to purchase some solid travel insurance before a vacation! 


3. A Pre-Stocked Villa

After a particularly long surf session, you’re likely going to want to go to your room to simply hang out and recharge. If you go back to a room that lacks snacks and other necessities, it can be much harder to truly kick back and relax. Thankfully, the vast majority of high-quality villas come pre-stocked with tasty treats, meals, and toiletries. Due to this, you can take all the time you need to recharge so that you’ll be optimized the next time you brave the Costa Rican waters for a surfing adventure. 


4. Massage & Spa Services 

Anyone who has been surfing for more than a few weeks can tell you how it can be not only exhausting but that it can make you incredibly sore. Along with practicing the proper stretches and post-surf exercises, few things can make you feel more refreshed and ready to hit the waves again, quite like a professional massage. Costa Rican villas pride themselves on offering world-class spa and massage services that will keep you feeling loose, happy, and blissful during the entirety of your stay. 

Photo by <a href="">Filip Mroz</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

5. Nearby Tours

Sometimes you want a full break from your surfing sessions. After all, if you’re in Costa Rica, you want to explore some of the amazing sights, sounds, and cultural attractions that are right in your area. To help you do just this, Costa Rican villa staff will help guide tours of the surrounding area and can help you get to nearby tourist attractions that will help you embrace the spirit of Costa Rica. Personal concierges can help keep you informed about all the events and tours that are available near your particular villa resort. 


6. Personal Gourmet Chef Services 

You need lots of calories and a beautifully-cooked meal if you want to surf in style. Thankfully, Costa Rican villas almost always come with a personal gourmet chef that will help you enjoy all the culinary wonders the country has to offer. Whether you’re looking for some delicious seafood or a veggie wonder, these chefs have got you covered. They will do their best to help you discover one of your new all-time favorite dishes before you leave the resort (so be sure to eat this dish as much as you can). 


7. The Perfect Cocktail 

Cocktails are a great way to relax after a long, tiresome surf session. By visiting your villa’s bar, or talking to its chef, you can ask for authentically local cocktails that will help you drink like a Costa Rican local. Just make sure that you drink responsibly, and that you do not become intoxicated before a surfing session (as this is incredibly dangerous). 


Surfs Up!

With these seven amenities, you can more effectively enjoy your Costa Rican surfing adventure to the fullest. Be sure to use the amenities to your heart’s content, and you can get your surf on without hesitation.