7 Photos that will inspire you to visit the Philippines

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It’s not hard for us to be inspired to visit the Philippines.

It’s one of our favourite countries in the world.

For those who have not been there, we want to offer you some glimpses of why we love the Philippines so much. For those who have visited, I hope these photos will inspire you to go back soon.


Swim with whale sharks

Whale Shark Tom Slder.jpg

In Oslob you can swim with whale sharks year round. Guaranteed. It’s an amazing experience, but we ask is it ethical?


The Masskara Festival


Every October, the city of Bacolod hosts a festival of happiness. With a south American carnival feel, it’s an event that can’t help but make you smile.

Learn more about Masskara Festival and watch the video.




We learnt to dive in the Philippines – on a budget. Swimming with turtles off Apo island was an amazing introduction to the underwater world.


Unique Wildlife: Tarsiers


These strange, tiny and oddly cute creatures are only found in the Philippines. During a visit to the island of Bohol you can visit the Tarsier sanctuary.

See more photos of tarsiers.




Filipino food is not regarded as a top international cuisine. Although local dishes like balut and various pig organ stews may not be to everyone’s taste, there is one thing the Philippines does really well. Lechon. Whole crispy BBQ roasted pig. WOW!

It’s not just the pig. They also roast a mean chicken. In fact, the chicken (Lechon Manok) in Oslob made our top 15 Asian foods list.


Funky transport without the price tag

Moto philippines bacolod edit-2.jpg

As far as pimping your tuk-tuk goes, the Philippines wins the awards. Only Thailand comes in close. But, the Philippines has an advantage: The friendliest and most honest drivers in Asia. No taxi scams here, just cheap, stress free private transport.


Pure, white sand

honda bay-6.jpg

From Boracay to Alona beach and many inbetween. The Philippines has an unfair proportion of the world’s white sand. Perfect beaches with crystal water are a cliche for a reason. We’ll never get bored of them. The above photo is from Cowrie Island, Honda Bay.


For all of these reasons, the main reason we’d go back to the Philippines is a simple one. It’s one of the friendliest countries on earth. You feel very welcomed, by everyone.

Want to experience The Philippines but you’re not to certain about travelling independently? We recommend Intrepid travel, they have some great itineraries and 3 styles of travelling – so there’s something for everyone. 


Where is the friendliest country you’ve visited? Leave us a comment.

Maybe you know someone who’d like to visit the Philippines? Share this article and give your friends 7 reasons to be inspired to go.

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