7 Silly but awesome reasons to visit South Korea

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Why do you choose to visit a country?

Maybe you choose places based on which have the most history. The best tourist attractions. The most famous food (hell, I here you on that one!)

But, there is another factor that should come into your travel plans decisions.


This time last year we were in South Korea. It was a country we’d thought about visiting but it was not near the top of the list. A whole stream of random events led to us ending up there.

And, it turns out, a year on, it is still one of our favourite countries.

Why? It’s fun. Simple, quirky fun.

Seriously, Thailand is fun. Other countries are fun too. But, South Korea, in terms of let loose, silly fun, is still number one.

But, Lets get specific. And, as it’s Thursday, lets do it in a photographic way…


Silly but awesome reasons to visit South Korea: Toilet Museum

They have a museum devoted to toilets.

Silly but awesome reasons to visit South Korea: Random Vending Machine

Indecisive people can have there choices made for them – by a vending machine!

Silly but awesome reasons to visit South Korea: Egg Tart pizza

If all that mud wrestling works up your appetite, you can get an “Egg Tart Crust Pizza”.

Amazingly, a ring of egg custard around the crust actually tastes ok. I’m not handing out any culinary awards, but it is certainly unique.

Want more info about Seoul? Click Here to check out our Podcast “The Dish” and listen to our full episode about the history of Kimchee and What to Eat in Seoul


Dog Cafe. Silly but awesome reasons to visit South Korea

Have a cup of coffee and make friends with dogs, cats, sheep, or computer game characters at Korea’s Pet Cafe’s. It’s the quirkiest way to enjoy a beverage.

Theme cafes like these are starting to spring up in other countries around the world, but the Korean originals are still the best for weird charm..

Silly but awesome reasons to visit South Korea: Kids Game

This is a statue of a real kid’s game in South Korea. Seriously, look it up, they really play this: Malttukbakgi (말뚝박기)

Silly but awesome reasons to visit South Korea: Makkoli

Drinking tea has never been so much fun! Because this giant teapot does not contain tea. It’s full of Makkoli.

This delicious alcoholic beverage became a firm favourite of ours during our time in South Korea. Its fermented from rice or wheat and comes in at about 6-8% booze. I can also confirm that it produces some of the worst hangovers ever. Or was that the Soju? I forget…

Business man plays in kids playground: Silly but awesome reasons to visit South Korea

It’s acceptable for a fully suited businessman to use the playground.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if businessmen let loose a little more often and had some fun? Well, South Korea is already one step ahead of the rest of us.

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Is there anywhere quirkier than South Korea? What was the silliest thing you’ve seen whilst travelling?

Leave us a comment.

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