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9 Destinations for Foodies in the USA

Do you want to enjoy some of the best foodie destinations in the USA? There are loads of places in the USA that are known for their food and this article will give you a bit of an insight into some of the best. Of course, we haven’t listed all the amazing destinations for foodies in the USA, for example, we didn’t have time to talk about the tasty restaurants in Alexandria, VA but we hope that this post makes you hungry and excited to visit some of our personal favourite foodie destinations.

1. New Orleans

9 Destinations for Foodies in the USA

The top food tour in New Orleans is the Food Walking Tour of the world famous French Quarter. Here, you will get to walk through the gorgeous streets of New Orleans and enjoy the culinary delights offered here. You will find a variety of delicious foods in the French Quarter, including delicious hearty jambalayas and gumbos filled with freshly caught seafood. For a sweet treat, grab a beignet to enjoy while strolling through the French Quarter. During the walking tour, you will learn the history behind some of the top eat of New Orleans, including muffulettas and po’ boys. You will find a mixture of restaurants, including mom and pop hole in the wall restaurants as well as high-end restaurants.

2. New York City

9 Destinations for Foodies in the USA

The Best of Brooklyn Half Day Food and Culture Tour is the most booked food tour in New York City. With this tour, you will be delighted by walking the streets of New York City while enjoying a delicious pretzel covered in mustard. You will also get a chance to enjoy a meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant or enjoy one of New York City’s newest food trends like the unicorn rolled ice cream.

New York City is a boiling pot of cultures, and you will find plenty of delicacies throughout the city. Whether you want an Italian deli with delicious prosciutto, salami and Parmigiano-Reggiano, Mexican taquerias with tacos, burritos and quesadillas, a Polish bagel shop or a Turkish Shawarma food truck featuring delicious kabobs, you will find the best grub you have ever eaten. All year round you can find incredible food options when you visit New York City. From cozy restaurants in the winter months (FYI New York City is one of the Snowiest Cities in the US) to the warm months, where you will find dozens of farmers’ markets featuring fresh ingredients and plenty of opportunities to sample NYC’s amazing foods.

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3. Miami

9 Destinations for Foodies in the USA

When you are visiting the sunny city of Miami, check out the Little Havana Food and Walking Tour. Miami is a melting pot of delicious food choices, including some Southern favorites like chicken and waffles or Cuban Classics, such as frita burgers. You will also find some specialties only found in Miami like key lime smoothies and guava ice cream. During stone crab season, try out Miami’s amazing stone crab specialities. Little Havana Food and Walking Tour will also guide you to the city’s several farmers’ markets that are open year round due to Miami’s tropical climate.

4. Savannah

9 Destinations for Foodies in the USA

When you are visiting Savannah, check out the Savannah Culinary and Cultural Walking Tour. This delicious tour takes you to the best eateries in Savannah and guides you to historic sites in the city like the City Market. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to see why Savannah is considered one of the most delicious food cities in America. While visiting the city, make sure you try out the fried green tomatoes and she-crab soup. Because Savannah is located so close to the ocean, you will get to sample delicious seafood dishes with a distinct Southern flare.

5. San Francisco

9 Destinations for Foodies in the USA

San Francisco is home to the farm to table movement and is considered the artisanal king and original foodie destination. Gourmets should definitely take a closer look at moving to San Francisco, because such an abundance of food options still need to be searched out. So it’s definitely worth finding local movers near me in advance, because moving with professionals will make your task easier.

Here, you will find locally sourced Burritos in the Mission area of the city. For those looking for an organic dim sum, look no further than Chinatown. The Little Italy and North Beach Walking Tour will have you enjoying some of San Francisco’s old-school Italian fare. The tour will guide you through the city’s large farmers’ markets along with its delicious food halls. You will be able to enjoy an artisanal coffee and a gluten-free pastry while checking out the in-season produce and casual gourmet fare offered at San Francisco’s farmers’ markets.

6. Charleston

9 Destinations for Foodies in the USA

Charleston is teeming with high-class fine dining as well as Southern home cooking eateries. The Downtown Charleston Culinary Tour will teach you about the city’s best eating establishments as well as the wonderful farmers’ market located in downtown Charleston featuring giant greens and heirloom tomatoes. Charleston has earned national acclaim due to its delightful eateries. You will be able to partake in fried chicken establishments, biscuit bakeries and their world-famous oyster shacks. The city is filled with bright colors and delicious foods that are unique to this area.

7. Chicago

Everyone knows that Chicago is famous for its hot dogs and deep dish pizza. The Famous Tastes of Chicago Food Tour includes an entire lineup of innovative eateries and Michelin-rated restaurants that are redefining Chicago’s food reputation. Whether you want to enjoy fresh smoked fish or old-fashioned doughnuts, Chicago will not let you down. This tour is the most booked food tour in the area and will have you sampling the delicious foods that Chicago has to offer.

8. Seattle

Seattle’s Food and Cultural Walking Tour of Pike Place Market will ensure that you find Seattle’s best food items, including fresh, succulent seafood. Seattle is known for healthy dining choices like sauerkraut tacos and continues to set the bar for delicious food that is done well. This tour will teach you why Seattle remains a top foodie destination. You will be able to enjoy artisan cheeses, delicious seasonal produce and local coffee while learning how Seattle combines healthy eating with trendy and tasty food choices.

9. Nashville

Nashville is known as the home to country music; however, it is also home to delicious fare. Here, you will find melt in your mouth barbecue, fried chicken, flaky biscuits and whiskey. The Nashville Food and Sightseeing Tour will ensure that you will find delicious foods, delightful people and music that will have your toes tapping. Nashville is quickly becoming one of the top food destinations due to its Southern cooking flavors and delightful cocktails made with Tennessee rye whiskey.

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