Eating Yak Yogurt in Western China

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MEGSY EATS SOMETHING TERRIBLE: Yak Yoghurt. Get ready for super sour dairy suffering… If a yogurt-stomach-acid combo is your thing, then you’ll love this. For those regular followers you’ll know we have a regular section called Tommo Eats Something Terrible. I thought that on this occasion I’d give him a break and run the gauntlet myself… We decided to head to Xiahe, Gansu Province, China, for two reasons: 1. Wiki travel …

How many of China’s historical sites are authentic?

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When it comes to ancient sites in China, a lot of distressing words get thrown around. “Reconstruction” is probably the most disturbing, especially when you are paying $20 or $30 to gain entry to some of these attractions. However, often in China things are lost in translation and, as we discovered this week, some historic sites are not be as fake as the “Chingrish” descriptions may lead you to believe. …

How to cross the Bulgan Border: Khovd (Mongolia) to Urumqi (China)

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Mongolia’s western border at Bulgan is not frequented by foreigners – but it is certainly open to us! Find out how we made the crossing from Khovd to Urumqi in August 2013. Similarly to when we arrived through Erlian & Zamiin-uud in the east, border corossing between China and Mongolia are not straight-forward, you just have to put the time in and plod through the process – expect your passports …

How to get from China to Ulaanbaatar (Mongoila) cheaply

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We’ve put together a 4 part series on how to reach Ulaanbaatar from China for under US$60 per person (The international train from Beijing normally costs $250). This is a quick post to summarise the costs and some links to help you read more in-depth about all of the stages we went through to make this happen. Visas Obviously visas are not a part of your transport costs but if …

Mongolian visa stamped in Zamiin uud

How to Cross the Border: Erlian (China) to Zamiin-uud (Mongolia)

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Getting from Erlian (China) to Zamiin-uud (Mongolia) is perhaps the strangest border crossing we have ever made. Though everything went relatively smoothly, it certainly wouldn’t have been as easy if we hadn’t done a little research in advance! This is the complete A to B story of how we made it… Getting Around Erlian We’d been led to believe that getting sleeper train tickets from Zamiin-uud to Ulaanbaatar would be …

Antai hotel, Erlian. China to Ulaanbaatar part 2!

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9.5 hours in a hard seat of a Chinese train may not have been our worst China travel experience, but when we pulled up at Erlian station at 7.23pm our first priority was to beat the wave of Chinese people to the cheap hotels! We needn’t of worried. Wherever the mass of people disappeared to, it wasn’t the budget hotels. After discovering that the Hotel next to the station charged …

From Hohhot to Erlian by train. China to Ulaanbaatar part 1!

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We pushed our way through hundreds of Chinese people clambering to get through the entry gates to the platform and headed towards the train… The ticket for a 9.5 hour journey to the Mongolian border had been surprisingly cheap and we were about to find out why! It cost us only 29 RMB (about $5.50) per person to get two hard seats on train 6856 from Hohhot in Inner Mongolia …


How to get your Mongolian visa in Hohhot (China)

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This is the first part of our guide for budget travellers trying to get from China to mongolia. For most passport holders (USA excluded, lucky bastards!) you will need to get a visa for Mongolia. There are 3 places in mainland China to do this: Beijing, Hohhot and Erlian. In July 2013 we chose Hohhot, a city in the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia, to get our same day visa. …

St Sophia Cathedral, Harbin

Why Visit Harbin (China) in the Summer?

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Harbin is most famous for its winter ice carving festival. This occurs in January every year when temperatures plunge to -30 celsius. Now, I love art and everything… but minus 30!? That sounds pretty cold to me. We decided to head to Harbin to see what is on offer during the warmer months and we were very glad we did! Before arriving we had asked around Chinese friends if it …


Getting your China visa in Hong Kong, the easy way!

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It’s become increasingly difficult for Westerners to get a China visa outside of their home country. Even when you can get a visa they won’t always issue you the duration you’d prefer and you often have to provide a mountain of supporting paperwork to get it. We skip all these issues and pick up a 3 month China visa in Hong Kong by filling in one side of A4 and handing over …

Meat on a stick at Crazy wings!

Crazy Wings, Chinatown, Sydney (Restaurant Review with Video)

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We set out to Chinatown with an ideal, for dinner we wanted to eat everything “on a stick”. In many parts of China it is quite normal for a large amount of street food to be served BBQ’d on a stick. Crazy Wings in Sydney upholds this tradition and was a lucky find whilst walking around – plus its BYO. So a cheap night of Meat on a stick with …


Eating JellyFish! Qingdao, China

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Food: Jellyfish (cooked) Location: Qingdao (Tsingtao), China. Can You Eat Jellyfish? Jellyfish, normally associated with horrible pain followed by someone urinating on you leg… is this really a food? Yes, so please don’t piss down my throat, I’m fine! More surprising, its really very tasty! Maybe its all down to the chef, but I loved it and look forward to eating it again.  VERDICT Probably the most pleasant TEST I have …