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Accommodation in Jeju City: “Top Motel” in Tapdong

There are two sorts of budget accommodation in Korea: The Jimjilbang (Bath-house) and the “Love” Motel. At the Jimjilbang you often end up on a mat on the floor in a public room, so if you want some privacy, the love motels are normally the answer.

There are plenty of budget love motels in Jeju city and Jeju Island as a whole, so this is by no means the only option. However, if you have never visited Jeju then you can get an idea for the standard you can get for $30 to $40.

“Top Motel” certainly feels like a budget hotel. Its a little worn around the edges and has the 70s/80s feel to it. That said, it is fully functional and we even got a fridge, a massive widescreen TV and a computer in our room. Top motel, Tapdong, Jeju   Top motel1   Top motel3 Other amenities: Hot water bathtub/shower, table and chairs, queen bed, digital TV with English channels, Air con, fan, western toilet, some free toiletries, wired internet (ethernet) and computer – no wifi. Top motel4 We paid 35,000 won ($35 ish) per night for the room with internet (discounted from 40,000). The room without internet is about 5,000 won cheaper. There appeared to be a 3 bed dorm option for 20,000 per person. One of the managers speaks some basic English.

Finding Top Motel

Take bus 500 from the airport to “Gwandeong” (takes about 10 minutes). Walk east to the big road junction with the underground shopping centre and then turn left, its just off the main street – third left. Here is a map: Top Motel Map tel: (064) 753-8001