Asian Cuisine: The Tantalizing and the Terrifying: The Best and Strangest food options

Megsy Food, Tommo-Eats-Something-Terrible

Strange Food Philippines – Balut

Yep……its a fetus egg! To be exact it is an 11 day old fertilized duck embryo that has been boiled and is eaten in its shell.


Qatar & Oman National Dish – Harees

This is definitely the national dish of Qatar, and one of the primary dishes in Oman, As with many other parts of the Arabian Peninsular, Machboos (Meat with rice pilaf) and Kebabs are common popular food too.

Harees is simple, hearty stuff. Wheat is soaked in water and then boiled to make this meaty, buttery gruel. It may not look enticing, but I’m guessing it will fill you up!

Strange Food Oman – Muqalab

Information on Qatar and Oman is sketchy at best, I couldn’t even find a photo for this dish… Muqalab is a dish made from tripe and other offal from the chest cavity (Probably of sheep or goat), generally served as a main course at festival times in parts of Oman such as Muscat, Al Batinah, Dahira and Sharquia regions.

We couldn’t find a unique strange food for Qatar, please leave comments if you know of one!


Russian National Dish – Pelmeni

Russia is a huge country, part of which is in Europe, so we have chosen one of the more Asian national dishes, from Siberia.

Dumplings! Traditionally served in a clear soup and with no specific filling (whatever is available), these could be made in bulk and frozen/stored outside in the harsh Siberian winter, or carried by hunters as a frozen preserved food.

Russia Weird Food – Kvass

A beer-like drink made from fermenting bread, then sold street-side from massive tanks. Somewhat an acquired taste.


Saudi Arabia National Dish – Kabsa

Yep, you guessed it, Kabsa is meat and rice – normally chicken or lamb. As usual local preparations vary on what spices are included and in what proportions.

Saudi Arabi Strange Dish – Whole Camel (Stuffed with a whole Lamb which is stuffed with whole Chickens)

Its certainly true that whole baby camel is eaten, Anthony Bourdain had one in season 4 of his No Reservations TV show. However, the idea of a full size camel that has been stuffed with and a lamb and chickens has more mythical status than reality to it. Logistically speaking it seems slightly unrealistic, but some accounts claim it is a traditional Bedouin wedding feast… If you have had this mythical meal then leave us a comment!


Singapore: National Dish – Chilli Crab

Singapore - Chilli crab

Mud crab that has been stir fried in a sweet tomato and chilli sauce. Delicious!

Weird Singapore Food – Stir-fried Pig Fallopian Tubes

Singapore - Stirfried pigs fallopian tubes

Stir-fried pig fallopian tubes……..need we say more???

Strange Singapore Food (Bonus!) – Fish Head Curry

I’m sure most of us have had a whole fish before, and we normally cut off the head and don’t eat it. Well, not ones to waste food, the less inviting part of the fish gets curried up in Singapore, along with many other parts of Asia!


Sri Lanka: National Dish – Rice and Curry

Sri Lanka Rice Curry

Pretty muh explains itself……. But expect Sri Lankan curry to be extra spicy!

Sri Lanka Unusual Food – Wood Apple (Vilam Palam விளாம் பழம் )

Mark Weins of Migrationology says: ” The outer shell smells a bit like rotting blue cheese mixed with dirty socks. The inside of the fruit looks a bit like diarrhoea, but tastes similar to a tamarind. But actually it tastes pretty good when it’s blended up with some sugar!”

Although the fruit can be found elsewhere in India and Southeast Asia, the drink is particularly popular in Sri Lanka.


Taiwan: National Dish – Beef Noodle Soup  牛肉麵

Taiwan - Beef noodle soup

In Taiwan this dish consists of braised beef, noodles, vegetables and a beef broth. Quite often street hawkers will offer it with a side of seaweed, tofu or pork intestines.

 Strange Food Taiwan – Rooster Testicle

Taiwan - Rooster testicle

Oh yes! This delicacy is making men around the world cross their legs just glancing at the fate of part of this poor animal’s manhood. The balls are usually boiled and served with very little garnish. They are also said to increase male fertility and stamina!


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