Asian Cuisine: The Tantalizing and the Terrifying: The Best and Strangest food options

Megsy Food, Tommo-Eats-Something-Terrible

Taiwan Strange Food – Round 2 – Duck Tongue

Taiwan - Duck Tounge

Considered a delicacy it is often served with cucumber, which will surely make you feel better about tonguing some tongue!


Thailand: National Dish – Som Tam ส้มตำ

Thailand - Som Tam

Im sure most people are already aware of Pad Thai, so we thought we would focus on a different dish – Green Papaya Salad. This is a spicy salad made with the papaya fruit, if you have never seen papaya it is quite similar in colour and texture to a mango but much sweeter. The dish itself has lime, chilli….lots of chilli usually birds eye, fish sauce and palm sugar.

 Weird Food Thailand – Insects of all Shapes and Sizes

It is well known that Thailand is the place to get all the crazy, crunchy insects to feast upon…….if you’re lucky you might even get a squirter!!!

The largest selection we found was at the Chang Mai night markets (pictured). Tommo had the insects….I had a waffle!!!


Turkey National Dish – Kebab!

I bet you could have guessed this one all by yourself! Best place to find a kebab? Everywhere! But what you may not know is that the world’s largest kebab was created in Ankara, Turkey in June 2012 – weighing in at 1189KG and made from 7 cows!

Turkey Weird food – Kokoreç

No massive surprise that it’s another kebab… However, this kebab is lamb organs wrapped in intestines. Still, for those culinary adventurers among us don’t let the ingredients put you off, this is tasty stuff. You can grab one of these at Istanbul restaurant “Vera Kokoreç”.


UAE National Dish – Shawarma Kebab

Across the desert from Turkey in the United Arab Emirates the kebab is also the national dish! What can you say? Kebab is awesome, its almost the national dish in the UK too!

UAE Unusual Food – Camel-ccino

Cafe2go in UAE has decided to make a stand for the bedouin tradition of eating camel products. Not only can you get your coffee needs met using camel milk, but you can also grab yourself some tasty “Camel Fajitas” – now thats a real fusion dish!


Yemen National Dish – Saltah سلتة

A meat stew made with chilli, garlic, tomato and herbs and topped with a fenugreek froth. Typically eaten at lunch time and scooped up using Yemeni Flat Bread. Sometimes added are rice, potato, scrambled eggs or other vegetables.

We couldn’t find a strange food for Yemen – if you know of one please leave a comment so we can add it!



Vietnam: National Food – Pho

This noodle broth is a dish we cannot resist when visiting Vietnam. The two main varieties are chicken and beef, however in 2006 i’m certain they told me I was having wild boar! You can find this dish all over Vietnam, there is even a chain store called Pho99, however I do recommend finding where the locals go, its a much tastier experience. Be aware that vegetable pho is still normally made from animal stock – Vegetarianism is not really a concept in Vietnam.


 Strange and Weird Food Vietnam – Snake

Vietnam - Snake

Once again yet another product to make man STRONG in the pants department, snake blood is becoming a popular oddity to try whilst visiting Vietnam. After the snake is killed and the heart and blood poured into a shot glass for whoever is game to down it, the snake is then cooked up into a meal you’ll be telling your friends about for years to come! We ate snake soup in Taiwan, tastes like chicken!

Strange and Weird Food Vietnam – Final Round! – Thit Cho “Dog Meat”

Vietnam - Thit Cho Dog

Yes we have all heard the stories and here it is –  Thit Cho or DOG in English! There are many that continue the eating of dog as it is a part of traditional cuisine, however due to work by International Animal Organizations it is more and more being seen as inappropriate and offensive.