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Best Places for College Students to Travel in the USA

Best Places for College Students to Travel in the USA

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College life marks one of the most lovable and memorable times of an individual’s life. It brings freedom – the fundamental value worth pursuing for its own sake – that many students revere and take pleasure in. With the freedom to do whatever you want, college life exposes us to new experiences and things we were unfamiliar with earlier. For some people, it is time to get serious about their careers and study thoroughly for a brighter future. For many others, college life means partying hard, enjoying life to the fullest, and exploring new places and cultures.

College is one of the best times to explore the world locally and internationally since you can make your own decisions, which includes figuring out how to save money and studying with less structure. Ah, and the spring break is basically the only reason college exists. Following a long and brutal winter of studying, spring break comes as the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the breathing space that lets you relax, recharge, and prepare yourself mentally for the last week of classes, papers, and exams. So, if you’re studying in the US or plan to visit the country during your study break, you can consider traveling across the states based on your budget, schedule, and interests.

The US boasts a broad array of tourist destinations ranging from the beaches in California and Hawaii to the bright lights and skyscrapers of New York City to the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon and Alaska. These locations have exciting recreational and educational opportunities for many types of student travel. So read on to find out some of the most exciting, unforgettable, and extraordinary Spring break travel places for your study break in 2023.

Top Places to Travel in the US for College Students

Whether you’re interested in outdoor fun, world-famous culture, landmark sites, historical monuments, or thrilling amusement parks, these spots have it all. Below are the best places for college students to travel in the US.

Niagara Falls


Located between New York and the province of Ontario in Canada, Niagara Falls is one of the most magnificent natural wonders of the world. Comprising three falls – the American Falls, Horseshoe Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls, it produces the largest water flow rate of any waterfall in the world. Its history and view attract more than 14 million visitors annually.

New York City

If you’ve never been to New York City, then you should definitely add it to your 2023 bucket trip list. As one of the most populous cities in the US, it is famous for its incredible skyline, endless options of things to do and see, and rich history. Whether you’re keen to visit historical neighborhoods, explore museums, see a Broadway show, or wine and dine in the city, this city has abundant attractions that suit any student traveler.

Panama City Beach, Florida


Situated along the Gulf Coast on the southern shores of the northwest Florida Panhandle, Panama City Beach is one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Florida claims it is the ‘Spring Break Capital of the World,’ which is easy to understand by simply walking the 27 miles of pristine white sand beaches with the Gulf Coast waters tickling your toes. Panama City is also a popular vacation destination for families due to its convenient location in many neighboring states.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is one of the best cities to visit in the US. And if you are a student studying biology, history, or arts, this is a city you’ll definitely want to visit. The Los Angeles Zoo encompasses a substantive botanical garden with a renowned collection of native plant species. The city is also home to the most prominent historic theater district on the National Register of Historic Places. Besides, it is renowned as the entertainment industry capital of the US and is increasingly recognized as a creative capital of art and culture. While your visit to the city will be delightful, it won’t be short of being educational and informative.

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Located on Hawaii’s Big Island, this park boasts two active volcanoes as well as steam craters, vents, lava tubes, and calderas. It is renowned for some of the world’s most diverse landscapes, ecologies, and climates. The park’s volcanoes, Manua Loa and Kilauea, are among the most active volcanoes in the world. You’ll learn many interesting facts about Hawaii’s history, culture, and ecology, making the visit worthwhile.

New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans is famous worldwide for its remarkable music, unique food, and distinct local dialect. Arguably the most renowned attractions in this city are Mardi Gras; the nightlife found each night on Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. Student visitors like New Orleans’ Bourbon Street, which is flush with music and bars and a palpable energy pulse.

Cheap and Top Places for College Students to Travel in the USA

We understand that the college budget has some restrictions when you wish to travel. Many college students are usually short on cash and buried in textbooks during the school year. But traveling in the US doesn’t mean having to shell out the big bucks, whether in the autumn, winter, spring, or summer. The US is a dream destination for many travelers and has many great budget-friendly cities and places. So, we’ve crunched the numbers to find the cheapest and the best places for college students to travel in the USA. Here’s a list of some of the inexpensive travel destinations to consider.

  • Myrtle beach
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Savanna, Georgia
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Grand Canyon
  • Oklahoma City

Final Word!

And there you go; the best and cheap places for college students to visit in the USA. Now that you know about these terrific places and travel destinations, it’s time to decide where to go! Will you go to a historic city like New York or New Orleans, or will you opt for an outdoor adventure like Niagara Falls and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park? Even if you are short of money, you can visit many other places in the country for relaxation and adventure without breaking the bank. No matter your choice, you’ll make phenomenal lifetime memories, all while unwinding from the stress of school.