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Best places to eat in Mexico if you travel from the United States

Best places to eat in Mexico if you travel from the United States

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It is hardly news that Mexico is a great holiday destination. It is one that more and more Americans are choosing to explore and enjoy. Of course, a vital part of any trip is knowing all about the food that is on offer and where you need to be heading to experience the very best. 

Before you visit Mexico, you will need to make sure that you have your money all sorted. With the country having a different currency, you don’t want to get caught with nothing but US dollars with you. We highly recommend that you check to see which money transfer provider gives you the fastest service with the lowest fees. It is well worth doing this as part of your planning and before you leave the USA.

With your currency sorted you’ll be good to go. Here are the top Mexican locations that you will be wanting to head to and dine in.

El Centro

This is an area of Mexico that anyone with a love of food will want to visit. You will find that this is a lively neighbourhood that is buzzing with energy and plenty going on. What is great about El Centro is that you can find something that will get your tastebuds tingling no matter what you are into. There are a host of outstanding food markets to explore, along with plenty of swanky restaurants where you can dine the night away. 

If you are looking for an early start then you can’t beat the fresh coffee that is on offer at Gradios Deli-Cafè. If you want to see your money going as far as possible, then you can’t go wrong with a visit to Los Especiales. While in the area, it would be a crime not to visit the famous Churrería El Moro where you can enjoy the very best in churros and hot chocolate. 



What you will find in Coyoacàn is the historic and cultural hub of Mexico City. A quick wander around will see you taking in plenty of local art and absorbing the culture. Each neighbourhood is brimming with cafes, museums, busy markets, and top-notch restaurants. The colourful cobbled streets leave you feeling that you are experiencing the most authentic Mexican experience there is. 

If during your visit, you find yourself fancying delightful tacos, you will soon realise that you are not alone. At Paisa de Los Reyes, the queues are long for a reason: it is here that you will find the best tasting tacos to ever exist. If you’d rather try the best in tostadas then you will need to head for Tostadas de Coyoacàn. This is a vibrant stall bursting with the likes of fresh shrimp, octopus, tomato chilli, and pork that are all served perfectly deep-fried and crispy.



The coolest atmosphere, leafy parks, and meandering streets all combine to make Condesa one of the most charming areas in Mexico. Given all that this area has to offer, it is perhaps unsurprising that there are also some great food experiences on offer. The fact is that this neighbourhood has become renowned for its excellent selection of street food. 

If you have never tried Tacos de Guisado then while you’re here is certainly the time to do so. You can find these tasty stews, wrapped in a soft corn tortilla, at Tacos Hola. Condesa also boasts some of the very best chilaquiles that you will ever find. Head over to La Esquina del Chilaquil and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. Another must-visit is the Chiquito Café where you can enjoy some truly superb coffee along with fresh sweetbreads. 



If you are searching for style while in Mexico then Polanco is the area for you. Here you will find stylish people everywhere that you look. Flashy cars and designer suits are found at every turn. The interesting thing here is the great contrast that is on offer. For all of the displays of money and wealth, it is street food that rules here. 

The excellent food stalls are an attraction to all, no matter their wealth or status. Polanco manages to use food to do away with social divides! What you’ll find only a matter of steps away from Louis Vuitton is the best cochinita pibil that you will taste. It may seem somewhat out of place, but this is the attraction of this area. 



We’ve already seen how cool Condesa is. If this is appealing to your tastes, then there is little doubt that Roma will be another firm favourite. Here, you will experience cool on a whole new level. While there are some great food stalls on offer, you will also discover innovative restaurants alongside exclusive bars. The food choices here are mouth-watering, to say the least.

At Los Parados, you will have the chance to try the ultimate in grilled meat tacos. You will find that this is a destination that is busy no matter what the time of day. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to try some of the Mexica style burgers while you are here too. If you want something a little more swanky then pop in the direction of Blanco Colima, Lorea, or Bowie. 



If you’re someone that likes to experience something a little new then we would thoroughly recommend Juàrez. This is an up and coming area and one that has more than its fair share of trendy bars and restaurants. 

Why not head over to La Tequila and enjoy scrumptious gringas? You can also find the ultimate in hangover cures here – homemade caldo tlalpeño. If you are looking for a three-course meal then Le Casa de Los Abuelos is the place to be. With soup, rice, and traditional options such as enchiladas to choose from, you can get a real taste of Mexico. You will be pleased to see that this can all be enjoyed at reasonable prices too.