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Best Travel Electric Toothbrush – Cheeeese™ Dare to Smile Travel Electric Toothbrush Review

Best Travel Electric Toothbrush – Cheeeese™ Dare to Smile Travel Electric Toothbrush Review

Finding the best travel electric toothbrush can be difficult. You need something lightweight, that can fit easily in your luggage, that can be easily charged, and for it to be an electric travel toothbrush that is actually good for your teeth. Long ago we gave up on our electric toothbrushes as when we started travelling they were just too heavy, bulky, and needing to be charged frequently….fast forward to 2022 and we have discovered we don’t have to go without our electric toothbrush after all!

Disclaimer: We received our Cheeeese™ Dare to Smile Travel Electric Toothbrush complimentary in return for an honest review. Our opinions remain our own

image courtesy of Oralcheeeese™

Say Cheeeese

We recently discovered the Cheeeese™ Dare to Smile Travel Electric Toothbrush and it has been a game changer for us and our travels.

Here are a few features that grabbed our attention:

  • The Cheeeese™ Dare to Smile Travel Electric Toothbrush comes with 3 individualized toothbrush heads
  • It has a cute yet robust travel case to keep everything in
  • 3 teeth cleaning modes (I have sensitive gums and this has been a game changer for me!)
  • It has a 2 minutes smart timer, and 30 seconds zone change reminder. Ok, I’ll admit I didn’t read the manual and thought it was doing something weird when the frequency would suddenly change. But, it’s just the toothbrush telling you to “clean a different area now please”.
  • Easy type-c charge – so you can plug it in almost anywhere. But you don’t necessarily have to because it has…
  • it has a 300-day battery life!!!

The last one was what grabbed our attention the most. A 300 day battery life for a travel electric toothbrush! As digital nomads this is incredible as you can often find yourself in locations with not great or reliable electricity OR you can tend to prioritize other devices charging needs over something like a toothbrush…but now you don’t have to choose! I have had my travel electric toothbrush for quite a few months now, being regularly used, and even a bit more when my toddler gets his hands on it (he likes the tickle lol) and it hasn’t even slightly felt like the intensity has diminished. We’re pretty impressed!

As I mentioned before I have really sensitive gums and I’ve had many dentists tell me that I have to use ultra soft bristles and just remember to brush really gently, but I found that the lowest setting of this travel electric toothbrush is perfect for my sensitive gums. I will admit that I didn’t think it would work for me at first as the lowest setting is pretty, well, ticklish. At first, I thought oh no! this isn’t going to work, as it just tickled sooo much. But I persisted and by the 3rd or 4th time using the toothbrush I was absolutely fine with it….so remember you just have to get used to it. Just so you know the other settings are for micro-vibration deep cleaning and whitening: days stains removal. I personally find the other settings too strong for me but that’s the beauty of this portable electric toothbrush – it offers a frequency for everyone.

Having a choice of frequency is very important when it comes to an electric travel toothbrush but also having the right toothbrush head and bristles is something to consider as well. The Cheeeese™ Dare to Smile Travel Electric Toothbrush comes with 3 different heads.

  1. 0.02mm pointed super soft Charcoal black bristles – which is ideal for stain and tartar removal
  2. 0.152mm pliable bristles which provides deeper cleaning and removes 20x more plaque and is great at getting to those hard to reach areas
  3. and an all rounder – that has blue indicators on both ends to let you know when to replace your electric toothbrush head.

As I mentioned before we have been using our toothbrushes for a while now, 3 months to be exact, and haven’t had to charge it once. And I totally plan to keep using it to put this battery life to the test! But so far it’s holding strong.

So if you are looking for a practical gift for the traveller in your life or a little gift for yourself then choose a gift that is not only long-lasting but has so many benefits for travellers.