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Bologna Cooking Class & Pasta Making Class Bologna Italy (5 Great Classes)

Take a Bologna cooking class and learn the art of fresh egg pasta. Bologna’s typical fresh egg pasta style that was invented in northern Italy. Bologna is the capital of the Emilia Romagna region, and it’s this region that can boast some of the worlds most famous pasta. Such as Tortellini and Tagliatelle.

If you’re planning a trip to Italy you absolutely must book a pasta making class in Bologna and learn how the dough is made by hand. Then you can take those skills away and make perfect, traditional egg pasta back home. Some classes offer more than just pasta making skills too. Bologna has so many great dishes, we wrote a full article and recorded a podcast episode on 37+ amazing dishes to try when you visit Emilia Romagna & Bologna.

Cooking classes in Bologna Italy are the perfect idea for your foodie vacation. Below is our list of 5 of the best the Bologna region has to offer you!

  1. Bologna Cooking Class: Le Sfogline Bologna Italy. Cook With Monica.

Pasta Making Class Bologna Cooking Class - Le Sfogline Bologna Italy - Cooking with Monica

Monica holds up the egg pasta dough. Pasta making class @ Le Sfogline Bologna Italy

This Bologna cooking class is focused 100% on Fresh Egg Pasta – the most important staple of Bolognese cuisine.

Monica from La Sfogline Bologna has taught authentic pasta making methods of the region to prestigious guests such as Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, Michael Portillo and now… us, Tommo & Megsy from FoodFunTravel.

In this class, you will learn the secrets of Le Sfogline – which literally translates as “The ladies who pull the pasta by hand”. You will learn how to create perfect pasta in the traditional style, including tagliatelle, Tortellini (Little pasta pie stuffed with meat) and tortelloni (larger and stuffed with ricotta). As well as some of the other cuts of fresh pasta.

But this Bologna pasta making class is more than just an exercise in the art of rolling pasta. It’s a fully immersive adventure into the life of Le Sfogline. As you roll pasta, Monica will share stories of life in Bologna. Customers come and go from the shop, buying their daily carbohydrate fix. You feel like you are taking part in the pasta community which has been rolling dough for hundreds of years.

This is our top pick for being the best Bologna Pasta Making Class. But, getting your place in the class is tricky. Monica runs classes in her tiny shop, Le Sfogline Bologna. It’s pretty much impossible to teach more than 3 or 4 people at a time, plus she is running her regular pasta business too. So she has limited time to teach classes. Monica’s pasta making course isn’t even advertised on her website.

With such a prestigious previous client list, Monica’s skills as a tutor are in high demand. So, make your booking way in advance.

The best way to get a class is to call direct and give an impassioned request that shows you are worthy of learning the art of Le Sfogline.


  • You get to take all your pasta home, but will not be cooking any of it at the shop. Make sure you have access to a kitchen at your accommodation, or at the very least, a kettle!

Contact Details & Phone For Le Sfogline Bologna Italy.

2. Pasta Making Class Near Bologna: Casa Artusi

Pasta Making Class Bologna Cooking Class - Tommo & Megsy With our Trays Of Hand Made Pasta

Us with our trays of handmade pasta @ Casa Artusi Pasta Making Class

Taking a pasta making class or a cooking class at Casa Artusi comes with its own unique sense of being part of something bigger too.

Pellegrino Artusi is considered the father of modern Italian cuisine. In the late 1800’s he collected traditional home cooking recipes from all over Italy. In 1891 the first edition of La Scienza In Cucina – L’arte Di Mangiar Bene (The science in the kitchen and the art of eating well) was published. The cookbook contained 400 recipes. By the 15th and final edition in 1911, his book was filled with 900+ recipes.

Artusi’s book is still considered the bible of Italian cuisine.

Casa Artusi is located in a small town called Forlimpopoli, the town where Artusi was born. It’s less than an hour from Bologna by train. In 2002 a new cooking school and library was opened there.

The school’s philosophy is on training regular people in the art of home cooking. This is less a school for chefs and more a school for lovers of food and cooking. At Casa Artusi, culinary traditions of Italy are passed on to anyone wanting to learn. If you don’t have your own Italian grandmother to learn from, Casa Artusi is the place to find a surrogate.

Note: Being taught by a grandmother is not guaranteed, but being taught the cooking methods of a grandmother is :-)

The cooking class options vary. Or you can book a private class and learn whatever takes your fancy.

Get in touch with Casa Artusi and book a class.

3. Cooking Classes In Bologna Italy’s Countryside – Farmhouse Cooking

Pasta Making Class Bologna Cooking Class Bologna Countryside

Cutting Tagliatelle: Pasta Making Class Bologna Countryside – Cooking In An Old Farmhouse

Would you like to head out to a country farmhouse to learn to cook traditional Bolognese food? Sounds pretty good, right?

If you are looking for a one of a kind experience, then a countryside cook up is probably the right choice for you.

You will meet your local host Chiara on her farm outside Bologna for your very own private cooking class.

After getting your hands dirty, you’ll get to sit back in the atmospheric farmhouse with wine and enjoy dining on your creations.

Learn More & Check Prices

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means we generate a small commission if you choose to book something after clicking our link. Support our blog by using our links rather than searching on google. These links do not increase the price you pay. Some of our links may actually get you discounts.

4. 3-Hour Secret Food Tour

Pasta Making Class Bologna Cooking Class & Market Tour

Bologna  Market Tour

In this 3 hour food tour, discover the traditional markets filled with local ingredients that go into making your favourite Italian dishes. Sample local cheeses and meats, visit Bologna’s oldest tavern, and try some of their speciality wine and more.

Learn More & See Prices

5. Bologna Cooking Class At a Locals Home

Pasta Making Class Bologna Cooking Class - At a local home

Tortellini: Bologna Cooking Class at the home of a local chef

This is a hands-on Bologna cooking class where you will make bolognese cuisine in a locals home.

More than just a pasta making class, you’ll learn how to create a traditional 3 course meal. You’ll even get to sample some wine, as well as peeking inside the life of a local Italian family as you dine in their home.

Learn More & See Prices For “Bologna: Traditional Home Cooking Class with Lunch or Dinner”

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Take a Bologna cooking class - Top 5 Bologna Pasta Making Class & Bologna Cooking School experiences. Inc. Le Sfogline Bologna Italy. Make Fresh Pasta Take a Bologna cooking class - Top 5 Bologna Pasta Making Class & Bologna Cooking School experiences. Inc. Le Sfogline Bologna Italy. Make Fresh Pasta Take a Bologna cooking class - Top 5 Bologna Pasta Making Class & Bologna Cooking School experiences. Inc. Le Sfogline Bologna Italy. Make Fresh Pasta

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