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How to get away with Drink Driving in St Petersburg, Russia

Alcohol + Driving = Fun in the former Soviet Union. Ok Ok I can hear your gasps of horror even from here. Im not talking about drinking and driving behind the wheel of any vehicle, I’m talking about a small 4 wheeled, 4 stroke demon of speed…….Go KARTS!!!

go karts st petersburg

Now I realize this is not something that you would usually expect to do while visiting St Petersburg, however the opportunity came up so we went. Surprisingly there are quite a few places in St Petersburg to go Go Karting, and the main place is The Karting Centre
offering a high speed track full of twist and turns and karts that go up to 62kph.

Not only can you experience this rush of speed and the competitiveness that comes with any sort of racing situation but they also have a bar at hand for snacks, light refreshments and BEER!!! Yes thats right they will sell you beer here for about 55 rubles…….. $1.70 AUD a BEER!!! This takes the karting to a whole new level, as people have a few brews, relax a little more and then get behind the wheel to kick each others butts.

Did I come out of this experience unscathed HELL NO! I got stuck on a corner and one of my mates came round full speed and slammed right into the side of me… shook me to the core and I had the most massive bruise down my left hip and thigh for a couple of weeks (I’m still kicking myself that I don’t have a pic, because it was a beauty)

All in all a fantastic night out where I’m proud to say I was top girl driver of the evening. So if you’re looking for a little timeout away from the sight-seeing in St Petersburg I recommend a 4 stroke engine, a few cheap local beers and embracing the need….. the need for speed!!!

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