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Drinking the Das Boot Beer in under 10 minutes (Rhodes, Greece) – With Video

Drinking the Das Boot Beer in under 10 minutes (Rhodes, Greece) – With Video

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rhodes in greece

The five dollar travellers love a beer challenge! As far as marketing goes, the 2 litre boot in Rhodes has to be the best one we’ve found so far (2010), but our search is perpetual…

The massive boot just looks awesome, and drinking all that cold lager at speed is harder than you’d think!

rhodes in greece
A serious beer needs a serious face

2 Litres… thats just under 4 pints. We were reliably informed that the pros can see it away in 5 minutes but that 10 minutes is a good time for a courageous drinker! Thus the challenge was set.

I consider myself a good drinker, and certainly a beer fan, but after my first attempt coming in closer to 40 minutes I decided I would hand the torch to someone with a little more aptitude for alcohol consumption: Travel companion Steve.

Watch the story unfold in the video below, and see who among us can meet the challenge!


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