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How to drink cheaply no matter what country I am in. Top 5 tips.

How to drink cheaply no matter what country I am in. Top 5 tips.

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The biggest box of wine ever!

If you like a lot of beer or can’t start the day without a coffee then you are going to have to factor that into your travel budget… Drinking in developed countries can get quite expensive, but there are always cheap options: Even in Australia (Where the pubs are VERY expensive) you can grab a “Goon Bag” – 4 litres of cask wine for under $12 (The Stanley Cab Merlot is actually quite drinkable!).

We aren’t coffee drinkers, thats for sure. Sticking to water is the cheapest (and healthiest!) option for budget travel but is perhaps a little boring… beverages cost money, that is the dilema here, but how do prices vary when you are travelling?

The Pint Price website lets you search for some prices in different countries, even specific cities, its not 100% accurate but can help as a general guideline. With average pint prices from under 50c in tadjikistan up to over $10 in Greenland (and I’ve paid a lot more than that in Norway for a pint, but these are averages of course) there is quite a spectrum, but there are always cheaper ways to drink, if you know how….

Our Top 5 tips for boozing cheaply:

Thai Whisky, Local & Lethal!

1. Local Tipple
It pretty much goes without saying that imported drinks are going to be significantly more expensive than the local moonshine. Ask the locals what they drink and what is cheap. Forget about brand names you recognise and try something new!

2. Make Friends – especially with the owner/manager of the bar!
This is of value in itself, obviously, but we have found that new friends, especially the locals, will often buy us drinks and offer advice of course! Generally I would consider it polite to buy a drink back, but its not always expected, especially if you make friends with the owner of the bar, which is easier if you choose small local bars.

3. Drink where the locals drink
Its easy to get caught up in the touristy areas, it happens to the best of us. In some countries the tourist areas don’t even seem that touristy… until you make it to the non-tourist zone that is! The locals won’t pay tourist prices, and if you want a “local experience” then you shouldn’t either. Just ask anyone where the locals drink, that is safe, and head straight there!

Street drinking in HK

4. Happy hours
Not always at the most convenient drinking times, for obvious reasons, but stocking up your liver during happy time can lead to a happier wallet too! Without the drudgery of working hours getting in the way there is no reason you can’t start drinking early anyway!

5. Supermarket/7-eleven
In a lot of countries drinking on the street is perfectly acceptable. Getting drunk outside 7-eleven in Hong Kong (They’ll even open your beer for you) is a celebrated pastime! Worth checking before you start doing it and get arrested though! Otherwise, stocking up with cheap supermarket booze and heading back to your hostel will work – you won’t be the only one!

FIVE DOLLAR TRAVELLER takes no responsibility for you passing out in a ditch due to drinking very cheap booze, even if your liver will not thank us your bank balance might. Please leave comments for any other drinking cheap ideas you have discovered whilst travelling.