What is Burmese Cuisine? What Myanmar Foods Should I Try?

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Sides & Salads & Snacks (Typical Myanmar Foods)

Everyone like to snack. These are a selection of Burmese Cuisine to keep you topped up between meals.

Burmese Cuisine:  SidesB_Dried Fish & Chilli - Snack

Pualong snack: Dried fish with nuts and chili.

When drinking rice wine (think violent rice vodka really) this is a popular little snack to chew on the side – complete with mini fish heads and actually quite spicy!

Burmese Cuisine:  sidesB Ginger Salad

Ginger Salad

A popular tasty dish that we discovered is available at most restaurants…..even if it’s not on the menu, just ask they will usually whip it up for you!

Burmese Cuisine: SidesB_Nut Snack

Mixed Nut and Tea Leaf 

This snack is designed to be mixed all together in a separate bowl and then eaten, tasty but the tea leafs make it quite bitter.


Burmese Cuisine:  sidesB_Raw Fermented Beef with Rice

Ame Chin – Pickled Beef and Rice

Raw beef and rice are mixed together and left to ferment. Eaten with bites of garlic and drank with strong rice wine to kill any nasties that could possibly upset your stomach. A Shan Dish


Burmese Cuisine:  SidesB_Tea leaf Salad

Tea Leaf Salad

Quite similar ingredients to all the other salads in Myanmar (so, oodles of oil and mixed with nuts) but featuring tea leaf. The closer to the tea plantations you get the better the tea tastes and loses the bitterness making this a tasty snack often eaten with garlic on the side.

Burmese Cuisine: sidesB_Tomato Salad

 Tomato Salad

Same as with the ginger salad, if you ask for this dish they will usually make it even if its not on the menu.


Burmese Cuisine: sidesB_Traditional Shan Snack (Na tamine)

Na tarmine

“Fish – Rice – Slop” – This is how the lady at Inle lake described it to us! (it doesn’t actually taste like fish at all)

Also called “Shan Traditional Snack”

We liked Myanmar so much we even wrote a book about it!!!

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