7 Photos that will inspire you to visit the Philippines

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It’s not hard for us to be inspired to visit the Philippines. It’s one of our favourite countries in the world. For those who have not been there, we want to offer you some glimpses of why we love the Philippines so much. For those who have visited, I hope these photos will inspire you to go back soon.   Swim with whale sharks In Oslob you can swim with …

7 Silly but awesome reasons to visit South Korea

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Why do you choose to visit a country? Maybe you choose places based on which have the most history. The best tourist attractions. The most famous food (hell, I here you on that one!) But, there is another factor that should come into your travel plans decisions. Fun. This time last year we were in South Korea. It was a country we’d thought about visiting but it was not near …

7 Photos to inspire you to visit Indias southern tip: Kanyakumari

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We like to gamble when we travel. Destination roulette. We choose a location that is barely featured in online guides and that we don’t know anyone who has ever been there. We’ll end up somewhere that is way off the regular tourist trail… And, Sometimes it’s rubbish. But, sometimes, we discover a hidden gem. During our 2.5 months in India, we covered a lot of ground. From Amritsar & Shimla in …

11 Photos to inspire you to visit island paradise. Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

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Have you been to paradise? We made it. We think you should too. The Full moon parties and all night raves of Cambodia’s most famous island, Koh Rong, are not everyone’s cup of tea. So here are 11 photos to inspire you, and let you know that there are other, stunning, island options available in Cambodia – without the crowds. While we were on Koh Rong Samloem we stayed at …

9 Photos that will inspire you to visit Varanasi, India

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India is mental! There’s no doubt about it. We had heard tales from other travellers about many aspects to look out for in Varanasi. The burning area where people travel from near and far to have their dead relatives cremated. Burnings which go on 24 hours a day. The small alleyways where you have to dodge out of the way of scooters, cows and funeral processions. Often having to dive …

4 Photos that will inspire you to visit Pont-en-Royans, French Alps

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Homes hang perilously on the cliff above the river. The name Pont-en-Royans literally means “Bridge on Royans”. This picture-postcard village is nestled in the foothills of the French alps, about 1 hour from Grenoble to the east and the Rhone valley to the west. During July and August the town is busy with tourists. This doesn’t take away from the charm of this idyllic spot. Enjoy a picnic in the park …

London Food

6 Photos that will inspire you to visit the Borough Markets in London

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A feast for the eyes, and the tastebuds. Borough markets will get your mouth watering. Sadly, you’ll be paying London prices… That said, you can pick up some good street food at an almost affordable budget, by UK standards. Prices around £5 ($9) to £10 ($18). The market is free to walk around though, so bring your own sandwiches and just enjoy the atmosphere. The Full market runs Wednedays to …

4 Photos that will inspire you to visit the Roman Baths, Bath, UK

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2000 years ago, the romans came to the cold northern lands of England. They discovered the natural hot-springs at Bath and thought, “Shit, this’ll keep us warm on those winter nights, lets build a bath-house”. And build they did. The ancient site, fortunately, was lost beneath the modern city – meaning it was preserved until re-discovery in the 19th century. In fact, the baths at Bath are the best preserved example …

Arundel Castle

Photos to inspire you to visit Arundel Castle, UK

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It’s like a fairy tale. Arundel castle has almost 1000 years of living history. If you want a real English experience, this is it. We took the silver package, which gave us access to the old norman keep (dating from the 11th Century) and the grounds. The cost was £11 ($19) http://www.arundelcastle.org/plan-a-visit/admission-prices.html Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We visited Arundel Castle without any affiliation. [manual_related_posts]

Bastille day Fireworks Paris 2014

Bastille Day Fireworks, Eiffel Tower, Paris 2014

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Every 14th July France celebrates Bastille day. It’s a national independence day. The streets fill with people, especially for the evening fireworks display at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Getting up close to the Eiffel tower is impossible. The area is cordoned off as herds of onlookers push to find the best viewing spot. Fortunately, we found a good location and got some great photos of the fireworks – enjoy!   Looking …

27 Funniest Epic Travel Fails

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Travel isn’t always easy. For these unlucky/stupid travellers it was even more difficult. Want to know how to make your own elephant? Keep reading. Ever wondered how many people will fit in a bus or on a train? We have the answer to that too as we discover the 27 Funniest travel fails! Animals Hanging out with the wildlife is a fun part of travel… sometimes. Can’t afford an elephant? …

Tarsiers, Bohol, Philippines

The Tarsiers of Bohol, Cute Little Bastards! (Philippines)

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If you are heading anywhere near Bohol in the Philippines, then the Tarsier Foundation Centre is a must see! You can’t help but love these cute, tiny creatures. For only 50 pesos ($1.20) you have an almost guaranteed chance of seeing these little critters. During our visit we saw 4, of which 2 were willing to pose for us 🙂 Cute they may be, although they are harmless to humans, …