Rick Calvert

014 Rick Calvert: How to succeed in the New Media revolution (podcast)

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Rick Calvert Podcast Episode 014: Ep. 014 Rick Calvert: How to succeed in the new media revolution Listen NOW! Subscribe on iTunes In the Rick Calvert episode: Head honcho for 2 of the largest trade shows in the business: NMX (New Media Expo) and TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange),  Rick gives us his insider tips on succeeding in the world of new media and cutting through the noise of an overcrowded online space. Feature …

scott eddy podcast

012 Scott Eddy on getting 500,000+ Twitter followers in 3 years (Podcast)

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Scott Eddy Podcast Episode 012: Scott Eddy chats to us about getting 500,000+ Twitter followers in 3 years. Listen NOW! Subscribe on iTunes In the Scott Eddy episode: Mr Scott Eddy… Serial entrepreneur, Networking superstar & Twitter magnate, has over half a million twitter followers and gets almost 100% of new business through twitter. Scott shares his secrets to turbocharging your twitter account. Feature Topics in this episode: Why the real benefit of …

Top 10 Travel Podcasts Free on iTunes 2015 for Digital nomads

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Which lifestyle travel podcasts are helping inspire others to travel the world and live a life of travel? We wanted to find out. We couldn’t find a directory. So we are officially launching this list, which we hope to expand over the coming years. We want this to grow into the goto place for rankings of travel lifestyle podcasts. So if you need advice on digital nomad lifestyle and location …

Tim Leffel podcast

010 Tim Leffel: Multiple revenue streams & creating eBooks that sell (Podcast)

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Tim Leffel Podcast Episode 010: Multiple revenue streams & creating ebooks that sell Listen NOW! Subscribe on iTunes In the Tim Leffel episode: 5 steps to kickstarting your dream lifestyle, our new ebook is now available at 5dollarplanet.com/dreamlifestyle and successful author Tim Leffel shares the mistakes which online authors make when they first try to earn revenue from publishing. [tweetthis]Want numbers selling a book – Think Big. Don’t just promote to your …

Gary Arndt Podcast

008 Gary Arndt: Why your audience is more important than money

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Gary Arndt Podcast Episode 008: Why your audience is more important than money Listen NOW! Subscribe on iTunes In the Gary Arndt episode: Do you even need a blog? We talk about the importance of blogging in 2015 and Photographer of the year Gary Arndt from everything-everywhere shares his knowledge of using photography to monetize and the importance of keeping your audience happy over making money. Feature Topics in this episode: …

006 The Planet D: From Pitch to Profit, how to get sponsored

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006 Planet D on Pitching & Sponsorship: Megsy puts her hand in a cow. Planet D share the secrets of sponsorship Listen NOW! Subscribe on iTunes  In the Planet D episode: The Planet D are on of the largest blogs in Canada and biggest adventure travel blogs in the world. Almost all of the income comes from sponsorship of their blog. Feature Topics in this episode: Why Sponsorship may be all you …

004 Carol Cain: Leverage PR & Media to Grow your Blog in 2015

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Carol Cain on PR & Marketing in 2015 Listen NOW! Subscribe on iTunes  In the Carol Cain episode: Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel is former PR turned pro-blogger. Feature Topics in this episode: Finding a Personal brand that lasts forever is almost impossible The worst PR mistakes that Newbies Make How to profit from unpaid press trips How to build lasting long term PR contacts that will grow your business …

Coach Deb Cole Podcast

002: Coach Deb Cole on Marketing Strategies: Get noticed online in 2015

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Coach Deb Cole Podcast 002: Marketing Strategies: Get your blog noticed in 2015. Listen NOW! In the Coach Deb Cole episode: Coach Deb Cole is the PR director for TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange – the largest travel blogger event in the world) and NMX (The New Media Expo). She has recently changed her frequent traveller lifestyle into one of full time Travel Freedom – you can read about Coach Deb’s adventures on …