10 Cool Travel Gifts 2016

Can’t decide what cool travel gifts to buy the traveller in your life?

It can be difficult to come up with christmas presents to buy them. Most travellers can only carry a certain amount of luggage. The gifts you buy need to be practical, useful, lightweight and compact.

We have taken some of the guess work out of your christmas shopping this year and put together a list of 10 cool travel gifts to buy a traveller this christmas.

This may really be a wishlist of my own (hint, hint mum) but these are some kickass gifts that any travellers would love to have under the tree this christmas.

Cool Travel Gifts 2016

1. Fold away day pack

These are super handy for any traveller to have in their backpack. These daypacks can fold up when not in use, to a compact little package, or pull it out when sight seeing to keep your water, travel guide and any other loose items in one place.

Cool Travel Gifts: foldable daypack

2. Multi USB charger

This little piece of technology will make any traveller giddy with excitement. Having the ability to charge all of your usb devices at once. OMG! Sometimes finding a place to charge up can be difficult while abroad. Having the ability to charge multiple devices will save time and hassle.

Cool Travel Gifts: USB multi charger

3.  Packing cubes

I don’t even know if many travellers realise they need these – but they do. Take the hassle of having to unpack your entire backpack or suitcase trying to find 1 item. Keep your packing organised with these packing cubes use 1 for tops, 1 for bottoms and 1 for underwear. Everything has its place and is easy to find – perfect.

Cool Travel Gifts: Packing Cubes

4. Flat pack toiletry bag

If you’re picking up a few packing cubes, it might be worthwhile to consider this toiletry pack as well. This bag keeps your toiletries organised and in place. The flat shape makes it easier to pack. There is even a section designed to deal with damp items. It also has a removable hook, so it can be easily hung and kept out of the way. Meaning less clutter around the bathroom sink.

Cool Travel Gifts: Flat Toiletries case

5. Itunes / Kindle vouchers

When you’re travelling, a lot of time is spent on buses, trains, aeroplanes – it can get boring. Give the cool travel gift of music or ebooks this christmas.

Cool Travel Gifts: Ebooks and Itunes vouchers

6.  Go Pro Hero5 Black

As far as cool travel gifts go… This has to be the winner! If you really want to show a traveller some love, the new GoPro HERO5 Black offers Built-In Touch Display, 4K video and 12MP photos in Single, Burst and Time Lapse modes. This is sure to put a smile on any travelers face!!!


7. Carry on only backpack

The dream of going carry on only, is a beautiful one that many frequent travellers would love to achieve. Avoid paying additional fees to check your luggage. No waiting after landing for luggage to arrive – if it arrives. There are some companies that are specialising in carry on only backpacks – and they are coming out with some exciting designs. Our favourites are: Tortuga Backpacks, Osprey Farpoint 40, Minaal backpacks and Ebags (Pictured). 
Cool Travel Gifts: Ebags Mother Lode


8. Scratch map of the world

This is one of the cool travel gifts to come home to, rather than carry with you. Get this map of the world and your loved ones can scratch off all the countries as they visit them.
Cool Travel Gifts: Scratch travel map

9. A new funky camera strap

Standard issue camera straps are dull and boring. Brighten up a budding photographers day with one of these funky camera straps
Cool Travel Gifts: Camera Strap


10. Polaroid camera

We often have people ask us for a copy of the pictures we take, but if you’re visiting a country where not everyone is online what do you do? Travelling with a polaroid camera is a fun way to give something back to the people you take photos of, so they can have a memory of meeting you also.
Cool Travel Gifts: Polaroid Camera


BONUS GIFT – a drone!

The hottest thing to buy traveller’s in 2016 is for sure a drone! These things are awesome and take amazing arial shots – the traveller in your life will love you forever and ever!


Bonus gift no. 2 

A travel colouring in book. It’s amazing how relaxing it is to sit and colour in – it’s the latest craze. And why not go for a travel themed colouring in book? The perfect mix of relaxation and wanderlust!

colouring in book




These may seem simple, but honestly I would wet my pants (just a little) with excitement if I got any of these gifts from Santa this year. These items make life easier for travellers, which is the eternal goal of anyone who spends time on the road.

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10 Cool Travel Gifts for Christmas 2016


What other awesome gifts are out there for travellers? let us know in the comments below.


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