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Kissing a Live Crocodile: For real! (Thailand)

FUN FOR A FIVER. Crocs are not exactly tameable… They just react. When the croc trainers invited members of the audience to “kiss” a crocodile I have to say I was slightly dubious… but what the hell, sounded like a good photo op.


Funnily, no one else in the audience volunteered for this experience, I couldn’t help feeling they were all thinking “Stupid white guy…”

They led me into the enclosure (later when the show started we discovered that the water I waded through barefoot was actually full of crocs too…). First I got to ride the croc, it didn’t seem to mind, and then in for the kiss.

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I still have all my limbs.


You do your poses and take the pictures, afterwards you watch the show and realise that in actual fact the seemingly calm crocs can get pretty agitated, especially when someone pokes them with a stick…

You then become even more dismayed to discover there are “When the croc show goes wrong” videos on youtube… Its best not to watch these before going to do photos, I still refuse to watch them, I think ignorance is bliss in this situation.

Hang on… he does not look calm..


FFAF (Fun For a Fiver) costs:
Photo op with the Croc: 100baht ($3.30)…. Using your own camera.
But you also have to pay for entry to the show, which is $10..
so its not the cheapest FFAF, but this one really is worth it for a crazy photo your friends will be shocked by!
DISCLAIMER: This is not entirely safe, Crocodiles are wild animals, do this at your own risk!
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