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I Have Curves, And I Travel – Deal With It!

I Have Curves, And I Travel – Deal With It!

Have you ever asked yourself: “Am I to overweight to travel?”

No, me neither. So this is why I was shocked the other day to have someone leave the comment: “She looks overweight and unfit which is bizarre for someone travelling like that.”

It’s amazing the thoughts that run through your head when you come across comments like this. I’ll be honest it ranged from “Fuck you lady”, to “meh T-Swift is right, haters gonna hate.”

But once I had calmed down a bit, I realised she’s not entirely the one to blame for the comment. I googled female traveller images and this is what came up:


female travel

Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing – I’m just saying it’s a thing. This is the female traveller expectation. Pretty, young skinny things who don’t have curves, greying hair, sagging boobs or cellulite – yet.

So if that’s the image of female traveller – where do the rest of us fit in?

What about those, no longer in our 20’s, who spend our lives travelling the world and writing about it and all the necessary travel requirements online? Or those who are in their 20’s but maybe aren’t endowed quite the same way as others. How do we get recognition as being talented travelling women, without being judged on the size of our asses?

Personally, I’m a size 12-14 in Australia which is an 8-10 in the US, and I honestly consider myself average in size. Of course, a few extra sit-ups wouldn’t hurt, I’m just a curvy gal – a normal everyday woman. So why, when a story about our travel adventures hit the papers this month, was my weight commented on above my travel achievements?

Me in Antarctica in 2009, why in a comment was my weight commented on rather than my travel achievements. I look at this in my latest article

Me in Antarctica 2009

Plus why does it matter? Why are we so hung up on fat- skinny, white – tanned, young – old?

People can blame the media and Hollywood – but by making negative comments like this, it’s You comment lady, and people like you that aren’t helping the situation, you’re enabling it. How can women ever have a positive body image if we continue (and I mean women vs women) putting each other down whenever we get a chance.

[tweetthis]My weight does not define who I am, or what I’m capable of achieving.[/tweetthis]

For example, when it comes to my profession as a travel blogger/podcaster, my experiences and my knowledge combined, make me a god damn travelling oracle. I am good at travel – it’s what I love – it’s what I do. But, put my picture in a newspaper and suddenly it’s – isn’t she a little chunky to be a full-time traveller? I thought you lost weight when you travel?

Here’s a question for you…when was the last time you went on holiday and lost weight?

Most people come back from a trip with a few extra pounds right? You get excited about a new place with new sights and smells. Naturally, you want to try the food, experience the culture, drink the wine…and then more wine.

Well, this is my life, and I do these things almost daily. As I said it’s what I love to do, and it’s what I get paid to write and podcast about. None of this, of course, helps the waistline – but I’m happy being me. Life is good.

If you know me personally, probably the number 1. thing you know about me is that I looove food, along with a few other things…

why in a comment was my weight commented on rather than my travel achievements. I look at this in my latest article

Hello, my name is Meg and I have a food addiction!

But guess what? I know full well that I am responsible for everything I put in my mouth, I don’t need someone else to tell me. Could I take the time to work out more – of course, who couldn’t? But what’s it to you? How do my curves affect my ability as a traveller and storyteller? Newsflash – it doesn’t.

We keep talking about promoting better body images for women but who’s actually doing anything about it?

I personally adore the resurgence of the pinup and rockabilly scene. These people embrace women and men of all shapes and sizes and teach them that you can be beautiful and sexy no matter what you weigh.

And the fashion – omg it’s divine. It’s funky, feminine, flattering and often comes in sizes ranging from Small to 3XL – sizes for everyone and every shape. Clothing lines like Sourpuss, Hell Bunny, Lindy Bop, Collectif Clothing and more are on a mission to prove that you deserve to look your best, no matter what size you are.


We need more fashion labels to get on this bandwagon – give a gal a break and make clothes that actually fit the average or even not so average girl. Not just those who can shimmy down a runway. This is the message we need to send across the entire universe – If you are healthy, who cares what shape you are!

I really want the world to have a less negative, healthier, non-photoshopped outlook towards women and their bodies. But it really has to start with us – the women of the world in all of our shapes and sizes, with all of our beautiful flaws and imperfections.

The only way we can change people’s perceptions is by taking a stand and saying:

I’m Healthy, I’m Happy, I Travel…
I also happen to have some killer curves – Deal With It!

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I Have Curves and I Travel - Deal With It!


Are you a traveller? Do you have curves? Let us know in the comments

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