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Ladies! Cute Wetsuits DO Exist – Sirensong Wetsuits Review

“Life’s to short to wear boring clothes”

And this goes for what you wear in the ocean just as much as on land.

I hate wetsuits – there I said it! And the more I travel and dive, the more I discover other people with my same loathing.
They are hard to put on, they rip up my nails, they are not flattering to ANYONE and well….I’m bored with black. A splice of colour here and there just isn’t cutting it. The more we all have access to GoPro’s and other underwater devices – capturing our every underwater movement, the more we want to look cute right? Where are the cute wetsuits at???

It took me a while to find the right wetsuit for me. I Googled cute wetsuits, sexy wetsuits, funky wetsuits – you name it! And the same standard companies kept coming up again and again, which is fine, but let’s just say I’m about a size 12 US, and well, they just don’t cater for my size. Also, the biggest problem I have putting on a regular wetsuit is getting it over my thighs and butt. That whole section just doesn’t work well for me and I needed something that would accommodate my ass-ets.

I finally stumbled across Sirensong wetsuits and fell in looooove. Their motto is: Luxurious women’s wetsuits for eco-conscious water babes with style. That’s Me!!!

Sirensong wetsuits review - cute wetsuits

What I love about Sirensong cute wetsuits for women

  • They are legless – which I personally love. The legs part of wetsuit is the worst!  So yes this means they are more suitable for warmer climates or for people who are living hot water bottles like me! I over heat in regular wetsuits so bad, I feel like I’m going to pass out!
  • The designs have an hourglass silhouette that seriously makes you look amaz-ing!
  • You can choose to have your cute wetsuits with long sleeves (great to keep off the sunburn) or sleeveless (this is probably better for surfer gals rather than the divers)
  • There is a variety of cute wetsuits to choose from. Find the perfect design for you and look like a million bucks
Sirensong wetsuits review - cute wetsuits

YAY I love purple!!! Sirensong wetsuits review – cute wetsuits

  • There is also no Velcro in sight, so I won’t be having any hair ripped out there! That’s all reserved for my dive mask lol
  • The material is made from eco-conscious Yamamoto neoprene from Japan. It’s so soft and it really feels great on – and looks great on too! It also helps leave a smaller carbon footprint. This type of neoprene is lighter, warmer, stretchier, more buoyant, and more durable than the *ahem other wetsuit brands.
  • The Butt!!!! This is the part I’ve found concerns most women – trust me they’re great! There are 2 types of butt that you can choose from, the Hawaiian cut which is pretty cheeky (hope you’ve been doing those squats and lunges ladies) OR the booty cut which honestly makes your butt look incredible. I went diving in Tulum a few weeks ago with a friend and she honestly told me that she couldn’t stop looking at my butt as it looked so great. She wanted to know where she could get some cute wetsuits for herself. (I get asked this a lot)
  • Still on the butt…there are side ties that you can adjust to your own perfect fit. Got a little extra junk in the trunk? These will adjust to fit. This feature is one of my faves

Ready to get your very own cute wetsuit? Use the code MEGSY15 to get 15% OFF at the checkout!

This is the most flattering wetsuit I have ever owned – and I get compliments every single time I wear it. Which of course I am loving!!! I’ve worn it snorkelling with whale sharks in Isla Holbox and when we went snorkelling with nurse sharks in Belize – It’s great to keep off the sun!

I’ve worn it scuba diving in the Cenotes near Tulum Mexico. The wetsuit is 2.5mm neoprene and I survived quite fine after 2 dives with my wetsuit, but more than that you’ll need some leg coverage. Of course, it depends on how much of a cold frog you are…

Sirensong wetsuits review - cute wetsuits

Sirensong wetsuits review – cute wetsuits

I literally take this cute wetsuit with me pretty much every time I go near water.

1. Cause it looks great 2. For the compliments of course!

I know it sounds like I’m gushing – and that’s because I am.

I am a curvier gal and the idea of trying on ‘hired’ wetsuits in front of a group of skinny male dive guides makes me cringe every single time. Traditional wetsuits just don’t cater for bigger thighs or rounder butts, even boobs seem to be something most wetsuit manufacturers have forgotten exist. But those days are behind me. I have my own sexy wetsuit now.

Sirensong’s super cute wetsuits are made by women for women and they make heads turn in the best possible way. I personally recommend checking out the signatures collection as they are one off, hand painted wetsuits by the owner of Sirensong Jamie DeFay Collins. A one of a kind wetsuit just for you, but they sell out quick! If you just can’t wait there are plenty of sexy wetsuit styles to choose from. Trust me – you’ll love them!

Sirensong wetsuits review - cute wetsuits

To check out their full line Click HERE – have fun shopping ladies! 


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If you hate wetsuits as much as I do - you'll love this post. Ladies cute wetsuits do exist and they are more eco-friendly and sexier than ever before! If you hate wetsuits as much as I do - you'll love this post. Ladies cute wetsuits do exist and they are more eco-friendly and sexier than ever before! If you hate wetsuits as much as I do - you'll love this post. Ladies cute wetsuits do exist and they are more eco-friendly and sexier than ever before!