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Hub: Georgia (Europe)

Georgia (Europe) & Tbilisi

Georgia & Tbilisi

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Tbilisi is the capital of the Republic of Georgia. It has a turbulent history of conquest and trade. Being repeatedly occupied over the years by the Romans, Ottomans, Persians, Russians, and more. Tbilisi was an East-meets-West hub for the silk road. Through all this change, and even after 70 years of communism, the spirit of the people of Georgia remains infectiously and proudly Georgian.

Georgia has a unique alphabet, unrelated to its neighbours. Their influence on regional cuisine makes them stand out as a food destination in their own right that has not been subdued by strong influences from Turkey, Iran, and Russia. Just south of Tbilisi, the oldest archaeological evidence of winemaking in the world – from about 6000 BC. Wine is still made around Georgia as it was 8000 years ago.

Tbilisi brings together flavors and culture from all over the country into a city where the modern and the historic writhe together, fighting to be seen. It’s said that those who enter Georgia as a guest, will be treated with more hospitality than anywhere else in the world because it’s a welcome change to have people visit who are not trying to invade them! I can confirm that Georgian hospitality is certainly some of the best I’ve ever experienced.


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