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Dreamworld Australia – Top Things to do on the Gold Coast. Food Fun & Adventure All In One Place

As I climbed into the front seat of a ride simply called “Buzzsaw” it occurred to me that I had no idea what this ride actually did. I didn’t watch it before joining the queue, I had my Ride Express pass in hand so I practically ran up and jumped on. It wasn’t until I was tightly strapped in and the ride started to take me up…..up 15 storeys that I realised that I really shouldn’t have eaten that gourmet burger before I got on this heart racing ride that was about to plummet me down a vertical drop upside down at speeds of up to 105km/hour.

Dreamworld Australia, dreamworld review

Gourmet burgers are always a good idea right???

BUT don’t worry this is a totally clean story, the only thing that came out of my mouth were screams of terror mixed with adrenaline and excitement.

But I should back up a bit here….

Top Things to do on the Gold Coast – Visit Dreamworld Australia

For those of you looking for things to do on the Gold Coast and places to visit during your Gold Coast Family Holiday I need to tell you about a place that I loooved visiting as a kid – and continue to do so today – Dreamworld Australia.


Dreamworld ticket prices, dreamworld review

Dreamworld is a theme park that has been a leading attraction on the Gold Coast since 1981. Fast forward to 2016 and they have 9 of the biggest thrill rides in Australia, entertainment galore from Dreamworks experiences to wildlife encounters including adorable tiger cubs and something in particular that grabbed our attention – they are now offering up a theme park Food Revolution.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about theme park food?  Greasy chips, overly syrupy soft drinks and bad food right? Well we heard that Dreamworld has something to offer the modern foodie – and we went to check it out!

If you happened to have stopped by this blog before or perhaps our Instagram account, you might know that we have a serious love affair with burgers. So it makes sense that after a thorough morning of screaming our lungs out on Dreamworld’s “Big 9” we made tracks straight for Dreamworld’s very own Grid Burgers & Sports bar. This is a bar for motorheads and foodies that like to indulge in gourmet burgers, cheesy fries and craft beer!

Just our kinda joint!

We dove in head first by ordering ourselves a King of the Mountain burger – 2 beef patties, double jack cheddar, double bacon, caramelized onion, egg, lettuce, tomato, jalapeños, hot sauce and aioli. Phew! Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, we got the pimped skinny fries with pulled pork and cheese sauce.

Here’s a little hint for all you hungry hoards out there – this is a LOT of food. We shared it between 2 very hungry, burger loving, cheese devouring foodies – but to be honest you can probably share this meal with quite a few people and not leave hungry. For those over the age of 18 you can also wash it back with a nice cold James Squire beer straight from the tap!

Dreamworld Australia, dreamworld review

Look at that delicious monster of a burger!

If you are looking for something a little healthier, or perhaps burgers aren’t your thing, then you’re reading the wrong blog! LOL, but seriously there are plenty of other options available as part of Dreamworld’s Food Revolution.

Feel like something healthy? Head to the Sandwich Shop with fresh made-to-order salad sandwiches or on the go salads, rolls and sushi.

There are also fruit carts, churros carts, Dough Boys Pizza, Green Bean Coffee Co., Boost juice and more on site. We were really surprised at the amount of food options that Dreamworld Australia offers – this list seriously isn’t even all of it!

I could go on about food all day – but the real reason to go to Dreamworld is to scream!!!!

Dreamworld Rides

I mentioned earlier the “Big 9 Thrill Rides” at Dreamworld and this includes:
(These are in order of my personal favs)

  • Wipeout – loved this since it first opened in 1993 still love it now! It’s like being in a washing machine on steroids.
  • The Tower of Terror II – not going to tell you anything about this ride – it’s best to learn for yourself. We seriously went on this 3 times in a row, it’s just that much fun!
Dreamworld rides, dreamworld review

Don’t even bother doing your hair before going on this ride….it’ll get destroyed!!!

  • The Claw – a giant swing like no other – 27.1 metres high at full swing is a piece of cake right?Dreamworld rides, dreamworld review
  • Pandamonium – a ride based around the characters from Kung Fu Panda. The great thing about this ride is it has 2 levels, one for little kids and one insane level for the big kids. 2 rides in one – great thinking Dreamworld!
  •  Buzzsaw – the ride I mentioned in the beginning of the article where you pretty much start the rollercoaster ride upside down, 46 metres up in the air. Did I scream? Ohhh yes – a LOT!
  • The Giant Drop – not for those with a fear of heights – or maybe decide to overcome those fears by being dropped at a speed of 135 kph from a height of 119 metres. Go on give it a go – it’ll be an instant cure!!! haha maybe not… (on a side note it is a great place to see a really awesome view of the Gold Coast)
  • Hot Wheels Sidewinder – a classic rollercoaster in every sense with some killer tunes pumping up the intensity!
  • Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster – It’s cool cause you are riding motorbikes, but it is certainly one of the less intense Dreamworld rides in the Big 9 Thrill Rides
  • Tail Spin – Now this comes in last place only for one reason, I couldn’t figure out how to get this ride to spin! You have complete control and apparently I wasn’t very good at being at the controls. I’m sure if I figured it out it would have been hella fun!

Although these are the “BIG 9” there are plenty of other activities for young and old to keep absolutely everyone entertained. Dreamworld Australia is the kind of place that I found myself visiting as a couple and thinking – when we have kids they will totally love this place one day!

Dreamworld rides, dreamworld review

Dreamworld Ticket Prices – and how to beat the cues!

Adult: $95 AUD
Child 13 & Under: $85 AUD
Pensioner (ID required): $85 AUD

To be completely honest – there are a bunch of different bundles you can buy depending on what things you are looking for. I recommend having a look through them all to see if there are any other attractions at, or involved with Dreamworld Australia you might be interested in, and see if you can score a bundle. There’s wildlife encounters, Flowrider surf experiences, the Skytower and more…

If there is one thing I recommend when visiting Dreamworld Australia – it’s Ride Express. This is an option that is becoming more and more popular in many theme parks around the world. Pay a bit more and virtually skip the queues. We went on a relatively quiet day and having this pass meant that we got the front row – Every Single Time!

It was freaking awesome!!!

Dreamworld  has a 3 tiered system: Gold – Silver – Bronze and depending on how busy the park is on the day, depends on what pass you might be looking for.

Gold can get your bum on that ride up to 90% faster! You pretty much can go to the front of that hot sweaty line and jump on the next go! Pissing off everyone else in line but who cares – they should have got this kick-ass pass! Weeeee!

Silver will virtually hold your place half way through the current cue and you will get a notification to your smartphone to tell you when it’s your turn to ride. Pretty cool hey?

Finally Bronze will hold your place in the cue virtually – but you have to start from the end of the cue.

The benefit of all 3 – you don’t have to actually line up at all! You can be off exploring the rest of the park and enjoy your day rather then spending the whole time standing in a line!

Dreamworld Australia, dreamworld review

We truly had a fantastic time at Dreamworld – I’ve been going since I was a kid and I’ll continue to go when I have kids of my own. Dreamworld Australia offers something for everyone – and now that even includes something for foodies! So it’s time to add Dreamworld Australia to your “things to do on the Gold Coast” bucket list and go experience Dreamworld’s new food revolution…..but only after you’ve been on all the rides Trust Me!

Important Information:

Opening Hours: 7 days a week: 10am – 5pm*
*Dreamworld is closed ANZAC Day (25 April 2016) and Christmas Day (25 December 2016). Hours may be subject to change, check here for updates before your next visit

Get your Dreamworld tickets HERE

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Top Things to do on the Gold Coast, make sure you include a visit to Dreamworld Australia. Food Fun & Adventure all in one place

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