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Explore the Hidden Treasures Around Khao Lak, Thailand

Explore the Hidden Treasures Around Khao Lak, Thailand

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Khao Lak offers a great chance to explore the exquisiteness of the Andaman Sea. After a busy itinerary around Thailand, Kaho Lak is an appealing alternative for peace and relaxation. It is situated in Phang Nga Province and is less crazy than its fellow citizens in Phuket.

It features a chain of white sandy beaches, which are surrounded by hills covered with lush green forest. Kaho Lak was hit badly during tsunami in 2004 but has recovered completely and the destination has become worth visiting once again.

How to get to Khao Lak from Bangkok?

You can book a ticket from Bangkok to Khao Lak on a combination of VIP bus and minivan. The package includes an 11 hours road travel on VIP bus from Bangkok to Suratthani and from here board a minivan, which drops you in Khao within 3 hours.

Check the availability and other details for ticket booking on website You can look for good deals on this website and even book ground and ferry tickets in advance.

Hidden treasures to explore around Khao Lak

Beach hopping 

Exploring multiple beaches in Khao Lak is a must. For beach exploration, there are a lot of options in this region of Thailand.

La On Village and Nang Thong Beach are popular travelers spot as they are located within the main nightlife, dining, and shopping area. These are perfect for travelers who need modern-day amenities at the best hotels.
Bang Niang Beach also has plenty of restaurants and accommodation facilities popping up.

Khao Lak beach is more peaceful and lies near La On. Another great option for crowd escape is Hat Bang Sak and Hat Pakarang, which feature thick mangroves and white sandy beaches. Just choose a boat and go island hopping the whole day!

Trekking at National Park

Outdoor fans can explore Khao Lak Lam Ru and Thai Muang National Parks in Khao Lak. The former has a 125 stretch of tropical forests featuring interesting trails, wildlife, and beautiful waterfalls. Escape the heat at Ton Chong falls in the park. Go swimming and cool down. Ensure to wear slippery-free shoes at the waterfalls.

Jungle safari at Khao Lak National Park

The National park evergreen forest is the oldest and stretches across 700 sq. km. Jungle safari allows us to experience wildlife from close range. The safari guides take you to specific areas, where the tigers and other exotic wildlife hang out.

Go shipwrecks diving around Khao Lak

Similan Islands are the best destination for the divers. There are few shipwrecks in the area around Khao Lak. Sunken ships are Premchai, HTMS Pratong, Boonsung, and MV Sea Chart. The ships give a thrill for divers as they explore every crevice and surface, which is a new residence for different marine creatures like crabs, lionfish, eels, and trevally.

Kayak & paddle around the Pha Nga Bay

Pha Nga Bay is home to legendary caves and limestone karsts, which got popular in a James Bond starred movie ‘The man with the golden gun’. You can paddle around the most beautiful caves and limestone karsts in a kayak to enjoy the incredible scenery and pristine.

Horseback riding lessons

Horse riding sessions can be enjoyed at the Khao Lak Horse club. Children just adore the lessons, which include the coastal terrain and even the mountain areas. It is a chilling adventurous experience!
Surf on the waves at Khao Lak beach

Surfers can enjoy the waves at Khao Lak beach. Beginners can easily rent surfing equipment and take a guided lesson from the local experts. Riding a wave is a great experience, try it!

Visit Bang Niang Market

Street shopping in the Khao Lak town is popular. Bang Niang Market is a place, where travelers can buy clothes, accessories, and decors like the locals. You can even experience genuine Thai food and culture with the locals.

Pay tribute at the Tsunami Memorial Park

The Memorial park has ruins and images of the devastating 2004 Tsunami, which sends a chill down your spine. The tsunami had totally destroyed the town. Many souvenirs are available, which travelers can purchase as memoirs.

Pray at the Wat Tham temple

The Wat Tham temple connects Phang Nga town and Phuket. Travelers visit this place to give their respects to the unique reclining Buddha statue. Visit the Wat Tham village to experience Thai culture and hospitality.