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Exploring Life’s Backroads: 7 Bike Tour Essentials for Your Adventure

Exploring Life’s Backroads: 7 Bike Tour Essentials for Your Adventure

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Are you aching to hit the road with your bicycle this summer? If so, take note of these tips that are sure to give your next bike trip the tools it deserves. Once you decide you are ready to make a trip out of your favorite two-wheeler, it’s not easy to know what to pack. 

You don’t want to bring too much gear, but it’s even more terrifying not to bring enough. Specific necessities are up to personal preference, but checking out these seven essentials may make your life easier come trip time. 

Truck bed bike rack 

The most important part of your bike tour is undoubtedly the bike itself. If your precious two-wheeler isn’t protected, there isn’t a whole lot your other gear can do for you. Securing a truck bed bike rack not only ensures safety for everyone else on the road but also guarantees the protection of your bike while driving to your kickoff destination. 

Proper clothing 

One of the best assets when undertaking an outdoorsy trip is preparation for the elements without overdone packing. Whether you prefer more official gear like padded shorts or regular workout gear like shorts and a t-shirt, wear what makes you most comfortable. Additionally, don’t forget to prep for cold weather with rain jackets, shoe covers, arm and leg warmers, and a nice warm hat. 

Personal documents 

Though you may be feeling like an off-the-grid natural warrior, you will still be held accountable to some worldly norms. For example, forms of payment like debit and credit cards and cash in the local currency of the location you are traveling through are vital for any supply refills and unexpected expenses. Additionally, copies of your passport and social security card, and travel insurance card are essential to ensure that you are ready for anything this adventure may throw at you. 

Cooking supplies 

What’s a machine without fuel? If you want your body to pedal for an entire bike tour, it’s a good idea to pack some tasty, nutritious food and all of the necessary tools to cook it. A portable stove, cleaning supplies, and pots to cook with are vital when prepping for your next bicycle trip. 

First aid tools 

The best offense is a great defense, so be prepared for any unexpected event, including potential injury or illness during your tour. Because of the physical nature of a bike trip, supplies like bandages and antiseptic cleaners are a must. Additionally, don’t forget to bring your most-used medications like aspirin and anti-nausea pills. 

Bike repair tools 

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning only to find a hole in your wheel or a bent spoke. While you don’t need to worry about towing an entire bike shop in your pack, a minimalist tool kit with items like Allen keys, spoke tools, an air pump, patches, and more. 

Camping gear 

Recharging is a vital part of any physical journey, so be sure to plan your sleeping situation before hitting the road. First things first, take your area’s climate into account so that you can adjust your supplies accordingly. No one wants to plan for sleeping under the stars during an unexpected rainy season. A tent, mattress, and sleeping bag will be your saving grace after long days of biking. 


A bike tour can be one of the most spectacular adventures of your life, but it requires some forethought to ensure that you check every necessity off the list. By remembering essentials like a truck bed bike rack, proper repair tools, cooking supplies, and more, you are sure to have the trip of a lifetime.