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Feed crocodiles with a fishing line!

This is about as close to “it might as well be free” 
as you can get. Basically a big green pond full of crocs… they give you a fishing rod and a bucket of chicken bones and you swing the food out to the crocs and try and coax them to eat it……
……”Try” is the appropriate word here, unless you get there first thing in the morning the crocs will already be pretty full due to all the other tourist excitedly feeding the evil little bastards. Still, this is a good 10 minutes of fun and the bucket of meat they give you is actually surprisingly big!


FFAF Costs:

Rod and chicken: 20baht ($0.65)

You don’t have to pay the entrance fee ($10) to just do the feeding, so it can just be a quick stop off on your way past, although I would recommend the full show and getting a kiss from a crocodile if you have the money.

Mae Rim is more or less a 300baht ($10) tuc-tuc ride return trip from Chiang mai. share the cost with a couple of people and this will come out pretty cheap. Whilst in Mae rim you can also visit the Elephant Camp, Tiger Kingdom and a bunch of other things at varying prices. The Tuc-tuc driver doesn’t generally charge much extra for additional stops.

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