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Get covered in mud in Nha Trang, Vietnam


Mud Bath in Nha Trang

You can’t say we don’t offer you a little bit of variety here at Five Dollar traveller… Mud baths! Now thats gotta be fun, right? Right! And to get the price under $5 you have to jump in the communal mud bath with the locals… Thats getting with the spirit of it!


But I’ve gotta come clean (get it?), these guys on the left, I don’t know who they are! Obviously I didn’t take my camera into the mud bath… The spa actually has photographers come round and take photos if you want to pay for them… but we’ve already met budget on this one, so no photo for us!

mud bath in nha trang
Yep, this one is me on the left!

However, your $5 does get you 15 minutes soaking in the dirty mud, but you then get a 30 minute soak in the hot springs mineral water followed by unlimited time soaking at the pool and standing under the miniature fake water fall… You can hang around for as long as you like at the pool or grab beer and food at pretty reasonable prices.

The Thap Ba hot springs are in the northern part of Nha Trang, you probably want to get a taxi (which is very cheap) or bike it! There website was being dodgy when I checked it out today, but hopefully you’ll have more luck in the future:

mud bath in nha trang
Wandering around the site!?! bit of a maze!

FFAF Costs:

15 Min public Mud Bath, 30 minute Hot Springs and unlimited time at the pool: 100,000VND ($4.90).

Options for private baths start from around $15 per person depending on the group size.

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