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Pelicans attack! When Petros the pelican tried to eat me

Pelicans attack! When Petros the pelican tried to eat me

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Petros the Pelican – Mykonos

If you happen to be hopping around the greek islands, Mykonos is a great little island to stop at. During the summer season it has quite a burgeoning pub/club scene. Head there off season to enjoy the pleasant autumn weather and avoid the tourists.

Petros the pelican
Surprise attack! Well, at least the first time was, the camera
wasn’t ready, but he came in for another bite!


We were there in November, and we pretty much seemed to have the town to ourselves! It was rumoured that the local mascot of the town was Petros the Pelican, and that he could be found wandering the streets. We went on a mission to find him as he is well known for liking to pose for photos. After eventually finding the giant bird, it turned out he had decided I was food, or at least that I was annoying and he was not up for a photoshoot today – as he started trying to bite me!

Petros the pelican
Gender unknown!?!



Rumours abound as to the history (and gender) of “petros” some say “he” is actually “she” and called Petra… Some say there are at least three of them… either way, they, he, she, it! roams where it likes and is considered a resident of the town. If you have a little time on your hands – which you should as this is the Med! Then go on a mission to find the Mykonos pelican.


If you can find “it” then its $free!

Obviously the pelican is not endemic to the Island, so it is quite a random photo to get, although you will not be alone in doing so…

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