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How to get attacked by Zombies in Brisbane

How to get attacked by Zombies in Brisbane

FUN FOR A FIVER. I walk through Victoria Park, Brisbane on a beautiful sunny October day when suddenly in the distance I spot something, something that isn’t right, something that leaves me with a strange feeling ….and its coming straight towards me. Stuck to the spot I am unable to move my feet and run, all I can do is stare in horror as I am swarmed by thousands of zombies all out for brains!!!Zombie Walk Brisbane


Zombie Walk BrisbaneThats right since 2006 the Annual Zombie Walk has been held in Brisbane and in 2009 it joined forces to support and raise money for the Brain Foundation of Australia. The Zombie Walk last year raised over $24,000 and hopes to better this amount this year through donations.

From small beginnings of just 300 zombies in 2006 for 2012 organizers were hoping for a huge turn out to beat  New Mexico where Guinness officially counted 9806 zombies in 2011. Brisbane unofficially last year had a turn out of 15 – 20,000 participants according to the website.

As a huge Walking Dead, Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead fan I just had to go along and check it out! The day officially started at 10 am with the Apocalypse Undead  Festival that you could get into for $20 with bands, market stalls, skate ramps food stands etc all with a zombie flare. This was an all ages event where there was even a Zombie School with makeup artists there to teach you how to apply your own zombified makeup and workshops on how to walk like a zombie, to bite your prey, and the correct way to squirt blood.

The  Zombie Walk kicked off…..or really stumbled, limped, and moaned off at 3pm and to stick with the FFAF motto we skipped the festival and decided to just watch the walk, which is completely free to view and quite a bit of fun. There is a mixture of people who have gone all out with their killer costumes with professional grade makeup and props, some have just smeared some fake blood on themselves and rocked up. It was great to see peoples personalities come out in their zombie characters with undead brides, 80’s rockers, ice cream guys from the 1950’s, hula girls, Zombie Walk Brisbanesuperman, police officers, clowns and one of my favourties the zombie ladies lawn bowls league. There was even a guy that was in a body suit that looked like all of his skin had been removed and all that remained was the muscle.

All in all it was a great turn out of young and old…..some people even dressed up their pets!Zombie Walk Brisbane

This is an event that goes on world wide so jump online and see if there is a Zombie walk going on near you!!!