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Flight Delays and Cancellations: Know Your Rights

Flight Delays and Cancellations: Know Your Rights

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Your flight can get delayed or canceled due to many reasons, such as maintenance issues, staffing problems, or weather changes. A sudden surge of confirmed COVID cases in a particular city or country can also cause an airline to change its flying schedules.

Regardless of the reason, it’s crucial that you know and understand your rights when your flights are delayed or canceled. This information is important to ensure that you’re properly compensated for the stress and inconveniences caused by the airline.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about flight delays and cancellations, so you’ll know which steps to take when you experience such mishaps.

When Are You Qualified for a Delayed Flight Claim?

Flight delays can happen to anyone, yet 90% of flyers don’t know their rights during these situations. Under the Flight Delay Compensation defined by Regulation EC261, passengers can get up to $700 of compensation from the airline whenever their flight is delayed.

You can file for a delayed flight claim and earn compensation if you meet the following:

  • Flight delays happened because of the airline’s fault (e.g., crew or maintenance problems, baggage loading, aircraft cleaning, fuelling, etc.)
  • You checked in one time (up to 45 minutes before departure)
  • Your flight arrives late by more than three hours at your final destination;
  • Your flight departed from the EU or operated by an EU airline

Even if the airline offered you a voucher, refreshments, and complimentary meals as you’re waiting for your next flight, you’re still entitled to file for a delayed flight claim.

How Much Can You Get from a Delayed Flight Claim?

The answer to this question is based on several factors, such as flight travel distance, length of delay, and if the trip involved connecting flights or single plane delay. But to give you a straightforward answer, your flight delay compensation can range anywhere from $300 to $700 if your plane was delayed for more than three hours.

If your flight is delayed for four hours or more, you’re entitled to a full or partial refund on flight delays. In these cases, you’re also allowed to request a return flight back to the original point of departure or a return flight back home. The airline is required to give you your compensation using several payment methods, such as bank orders, cash, checks, or electronic bank transfer.

Are You Eligible for Compensation for a Canceled Flight?

Yes, you are eligible for compensation if your flight was canceled between 7 and 14 days before your scheduled departure. As for the amount of compensation, it depends on several factors, namely the departure and arrival times of your rescheduled flight, when the flight was canceled, and the distance of your flight.

If your flight was canceled seven days before your scheduled departure, you’re entitled to compensation ranging from $280 to $677. Generally, the longer your flight distance is, the higher your claim is.

If you like traveling to Europe on the US carriers, you should know that it is possible to get compensation for Delta flight delay or compensation for Flight Delayed by United, as per information provided by AirAdvisor which does this sort of claims on a regular basis.


Are You Eligible for Additional Services Whenever Your Flight Gets Canceled or Delayed?

Aside from the compensation, you’re also entitled to other services if your flight gets canceled or delayed. These services include:

Right for Information

As a flyer, airline staff is obliged to inform you about your rights in case of flight delays and cancellation. This information should be presented in written form at the check-in counter.

Right for Refund

You’re entitled to request a full ticket refund, a return ticket back to the original point of departure, or an alternative flight to the same destination when your flight is delayed for more than five hours. The airline should provide these services to you at no additional cost.

Right for Care and Assistance

During flight delays and cancellations, airline staff has the responsibility to care for and assist flyers. They should provide complimentary refreshments and meals in light of your waiting time. If your flight is delayed and rescheduled for the next day, the airline is required to cover expenses for your hotel accommodation and transportation to and from the hotel.

Right for Airline Compensation

If you incurred additional expenses while waiting for your flight, the airline is obliged to give you compensation. These additional expenses often include the taxis, meals, and accommodations you’ll have to pay for as you’re waiting for your next flight.

Right for Refunded Downgrading or Complimentary Upgrading

If your return or rescheduled file was upgraded to a higher class, the airline is not allowed to request payment from you. If your flight was downgraded to a lower class, the airline is obliged to give a refund.

Knowledge is Power

Planning for a trip can be stressful — much more if you find out that your flight is delayed or canceled. This can set back your itinerary and cause you to spend more money on your trip.

To pacify the situation and ensure that you still get to enjoy your trip, take note of the information in this article. Follow all of these when your flight gets delayed or canceled, so you’ll know your rights and earn the compensation you rightfully deserve.