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Food From Around The World – Best of 2015

Cooking and eating in a foreign country may be the surest, and truest way to it’s soul – unknown

Food food glorious food. Some of us travel to the corners of the earth in order to try every known delicacy every country has to offer. I’ve personally been to over 65 countries and I can tell you, the main thing I wanted to experience in each and every one was the food!

But we are not the only travelling foodies out there. Oh no! , and I asked them the hardest question of them all “What was your number 1 favourite meal of 2015”. So with some serious thinking, and scrolling through a years worth of Instagram feeds – this is what they came up with:

Food From Around The World – Best of 2015

Amber – With Husband in Tow

Food from around the world - Italian Sparkling Wine Tour

I love trying new foods when traveling, particularly when traveling through a country we’ve been to many times before. This summer, while drinking Italian sparkling wine with a few winemakers outside of Bologna, we tried a new dish that I’d never heard of before. It was pesto, and no, not the green basil pasta dish. Instead, pesto really means anything that’s ground or pressed. In this case, it was a fresh pancetta pork, mixed with garlic and salt, rosemary, and lard. I was hesitant hearing it was fresh pork and lard, but it was so tasty, especially when spread on warm bread and sprinkled with parmigiano reggiano cheese. The flavor of the pesto, along with the company of the Italian winemakers, made it one of the most memorable things we ate in 2015.

Jen & Sean – Venturists 

Foods around the world

Our favorite, most delicious, most memorable meal of 2015 was served up at the Espirito Santa in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. The owner of the restaurant, Matt, moved to Rio several years ago and opened up a bar. All was going mediocre to well, until Chef Natacha Fink walked into his life and changed everything. Natacha took over the kitchen, turned the staff into a professional team and created a menu featuring the flavors of the Amazon. We tried several small plates, such as Flintstone sized fish ribs, steamed collard greens with a shrimp stuffing and parmesan fritters made with a tapioca starch batter. The flavors were equally exotic, unfamiliar and unforgettable. Matt, now Natacha’s husband, explained that one Amazonian spice first numbs your mouth, and then the flavors are intensified. How could we possibly resist? And we didn’t. And if you go to Rio, neither should you.

Stefan & Sebastian – The Nomadic Boys

Food from around the world - Tom Yam soup Chiang Mai

One of our favourite foods in Asia was the delicious Thai tom yam soup we made at a cooking class in Chiang Mai. Thai tom yam is one of the popular foods you will encounter particularly in Thailand and Laos as well as elsewhere in Southeast Asia. It mixes salty, spicy and sour flavours – the emphasis on spicy…! It’s extremely delicious though and always the source of many food fights.

Maria – One Tiny Leap

Food from around the world

I encountered the finest steak known to humanity when we visited Osaka, Japan. The marbling in Kobe beef makes for the juiciest and tastiest fat imaginable, and when they say it’s a melt-in-your-mouth experience – believe them. Grilled right at the table so we got the full aroma, it was so delicious we went right out and had it again the next evening!

Paula & Gordon – The Contented Traveller

Food from around the world - Salt cod fillet Biscay

Considered we ate our way through 2015, the choice was so difficult. We ate in Japan, Bali, Dubai, France, Spain, Australia, through Canada and the USA but we are selecting an unusual one from Madrid by Chef Fernando Sáenz at Westin Palace Madrid, because we have not had 9 courses matched with 9 different ince creams. It was unique. Salt cod fillet Biscay style, with grilled leek and Guenica pepper ice cream served on a bed of potatoes.


Dana – The Talking Suitcase

foods around the world - Lamb at Chez Palmyre in Nice

One of our favorite dishes from 2015 was lamb and potatoes served at Chez Palmyre in Nice, France.  Tucked away in Old Town Nice, you’d never guess this little “hole in the wall” restaurant held such delectable dishes.

Carole – Berkeley and Beyond

foods around the world

I never get tired of the big puffy thing (known officially as cholle bhature) I always order at a local restaurant, VIK’s Chaat Corner Indian restaurant.  It is often the first thing I go out for after I return from a trip.  It so comforting.  I love to prick it with a fork and watch the steam come out as it collapses, and then pick off pieces to eat with the various condiments that come with it.  Soooo good.  And now it is the favorite of my six-year-old granddaughter, too.

Josh & Liz – Peanuts or Pretzels

Foods from around the world

Our 2015 has been filled with great travels and some amazing food.  Of all the meals from 2015, the Sichuan spicy hot pots we have had here in China will be forever remain our favorites.  Hot pots are meant to be shared with family and friends, so it is a very community dish.  Our experience cooking, chatting, eating, and toasting over this steaming pot of normal (and some weird) meats and veggies is one we will cherish for years to come.  Making it definitely one of our favorite dishes from 2015.

Gia – Missmatched Passports

Food from around the world

Francesinha (Porto, Portugal) – January 2015
In the city of Porto, Portugal there is another thing to try aside from the local Port wine, the delicious local delicacy called Francesinha.  Francesinha is a mouth-watering sandwich made with a combination of ham, sausage and roast meat, covered with melted cheese and served on a hot thick tomato-based sauce.

Alana – Great Big Globe

Food from around the world

Our favorite meal of 2015 has to be the Thai Green Curry at Weather Spoon’s in Bagan, Myanmar. This curry was spicy, fresh and absolutely delicious. We loved the side of peanuts, lime and chilies so we could perfect adjust the flavor for our liking. On top of it all this curry was served with a friendly smile every time (and we ate it four times)!

Lance & Laura – Travel Addicts

Food from around the world - bolon de verde con pollo

Our best meal in 2015 wasn’t in one of the fancy restaurants we frequent as business professionals.  However, our best meal of 2015 came in the form of street food.  High in the mountains of Ecuador, we stopped in a small, remote village after bird watching.  The only place in town was an open-air establishment with two tables and a metal roof…and stunning views of the Andes Mountains.  Our host, served us the Bolon de Verde, which is practically the national dish of Ecuador.  The Bolon de Verde was boiled chicken mixed with cheese and then stuffed inside mashed green plantain, rolled into a ball and then quickly fried.  We topped ours with the ubiquitous aji hot sauce.  While the Bolon de Verde is considered a cheap meal (the whole meal which included coffee set us back less than $2.00…for both of us), we loved it!  There is just something so special about eating simple foods prepared with love in a perfect atmosphere.  It’s a meal we still talk about.

Nic & Paul – The Roaming Renegades

Food from around the world

Our Number one dish of 2015 is a hard one to pick, but it has to be the simple perfection that is garlic soup in a bowl made out of bread! On a chilly and clear spring day in the beautiful capital of Slovakia we had this hearty and filling meal in one of the traditional Slovakian pubs of Bratislava. Washed down with some local beer this is simple, tasty and fun!! Also, less washing up for the staff!

Charles – McCool Travel

Food from around the world

After visiting the local farmer market in Ajaccio, Corsica in the morning with the head chef of Viking Cruises, our small group was treated to a multi-course feast that evening prepared by Anthony and his team. The highlight entree was a seafood bouillabaisse that was visually stunning and totally rocked my world.

Sarah – Live Dream Discover

Foods from around the world - Lunch in Cirque Saint La Popie

One of our best and most memorable meals in 2015 was while we were house sitting in southern France. We had a little car to explore the countryside and our favorite day trip was to the Medieval town of Saint Cirq Lapopie. There was a simple cafe there with a view of the castle that served the most amazing food. My fave was the salad with foi gras, brie and golden fried potatoes accompanied by a pitcher of wine of course. It was absolute perfection! Of course in keeping with our balanced living theme I had to exercise twice as much the following day…but it was sooooo worth it!

Adelina – Pack Me To

Food from around the world - French Bombshell Wolf in the Fog Tofino BC Pack Me To

Walking through the doors of Wolf in the Fog in Tofino, Canada, I had no idea I was about to have an amazing meal. Unbeknownst to us, the restaurant was recently named one of Canada’s Best New Restaurant according to Air Canada’s enRoute magazine. They definitely were deserving of the honour! We ordered two half-sized shared plates: the French Bombshell made with a variety of fish and shellfish in a light broth, and another featuring lamb shanks with a pomegranate glaze. Both were delicious, but the French Bombshell took it up a notch and I still dream of its amazing broth.

Skye – Skye Travels

foods around the world - pesto lasagne

That’s really hard, but I think I’ll have to go to the pesto lasagna I had in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy in April. When I asked the waiter for the recipe, he happily gave it to me: all five ingredients. I then was introduced to what is called an “osteria” which means “no kitchen.” The restaurant doesn’t need a kitchen because the mom is cooking the food at home and bringing it in. And it was simply the best in the world. Had to order seconds even though I was full. I don’t remember the name of the place and they are too small to be on the map. For 10 Euro a plate, it was definitely worth it.

Annie – Sell Up Go Travel

Moz burger - Food from around the world
My number 1 dish has to be at Mos burger in Bangkok. Mos burger is one of the most Delicious and famous fast food chains in Japan and I only discovered this year!
My favorite is the beef bacon and cheese burgers

Eileen – Crooked Flight

Food from around the world

“My best meal of 2015 was in Sligo, Ireland last August.I had just moved to London from the U.S. and my friend met me in Ireland for a five-day road trip. It was my first time driving on the left and I didn’t hit anything! After a long drive from Belfast we landed in Sligo and had a hearty dinner at Hargadons Bar. They brought over a giant pot of steaming mussels and chips. I was transported to another time and place, it was perfectly prepared and amazingly fresh.”

Isabel – Bel Around the World

Food from around the world - Portuguese Egg Tarts

The best food that I’ve had has got to be the original Portuguese custard tarts from none other than Portugal, during my 6-month leg touring Europe!

I love the tarts from NATA. I’ve had their tarts in Lisbon, Porto and Vienna. Mad about their tarts! I eat at least one a day during the days I was in Portugal.

Carolann and Macrae –  One Modern Couple

Food from around the world - Viking River Cruise Meals

Our best meal of 2015 was served aboard a Viking River Cruise along the Danube in Europe. A three course meal, with options for starters, mains and desserts, had us splitting our choices! Between us we had roasted tomato soup with basil foam and smoked salmon Carpaccio and salmon caviar to start. For our entrees we had Chateaubriand with buttered vegetables, potatoes and a Bearnaise sauce and seared Mahi Mahi with Thai red curry sauce, fried rice, broad beans and celery. To finish it off, we indulged with mango ice cream and Hungarian Esterhazy cake. By the end we were satiated and satisfied and left with the memories of one amazing meal we are still regularly craving!

Jub – Tiki Turing Kiwi

Food from around the world - vegan burger warsaw

Arriving in Warsaw to find at least seven 100% vegan restaurants within a few minutes of where I was staying was awesome. One of the seven, Krowarzywa served up my best meal of 2015.

The Jaglanex patty is made from millet, pumpkin, sunflowers seeds and coriander. It of course comes with lettuce, spinach, sprouts, pepper, onion and pickle. Finding an epic vegan patty isn’t easy, but even my meat eating friend was wowed by this beauty.

There’s two Krowarzywa restaurants in Warsaw, both of which have queues going out the door.

Amanda – Marocmama

foods around the world - khao soi

I ate so many amazing things in 2015 but the one thing that has stuck with me is this meal of Khao Soi that I ate at an organic farm outside Chiang Mai, Thailand. I love the combination of flavors and the DIY nature of the dish. Customized food is my favorite way to eat! Can you ever go wrong with noodle soup topped with fried noodles? I think not.

Dave –

foods around the world - Korean BBQ

Seoul, South Korea is full of hidden food gems on every corner and it was great fun trying to discover them all down endless alleyways that lead me too many foodie destinations that you could only possibly dream of. One such spot I would like to share with you, happened to catch my nose as I had to back track my steps and investigate further into this amazing aroma that was tingling my tongue.

It was a Korean Grill where they marinate the meat in some sort of Spicy BBQ sauce and then let the dish further simmer in the broth at your table, my mouth was watering. It was the best dish I had in 2015, South Korea, your food was a journey and you amazed me, take me back now!

Nina – Where in the World is Nina?

Foods around the world - Khao Soi

Hands down my fav food from my travels thus far is Khao Soi. It’s a delicious northern Thailand coconut curry dish that has so many flavors and textures, it’s absolutely to die for

Sofie – Wonderful Wanderings

Food from around the world - shopska salad

I had no idea Bulgarian food was so delicious. It’s like Greek food, but better. More diverse and softer was my impression. My favorite was the traditional shopska salad with red onions, grilled peppers, tomato and delicious white Bulgarian cheese. I’ve had it at least four times while I was visiting!

Stu & Eloise – Am I Nearly There Yet?

Food from around the world - banana salad Chiang Mai

This banana flower salad we ate while exploring the Chiang Mai night markets  was literally the most incredible thing I’ve tasted this year! It looked like a curry, but it was tangy, sweet, but light and zest! Incredible banana pieces with a few bits of freshly fried tofu, and a few cheeky birds-eye chillies for good measure! We literally went back for it every day – and never seen it anywhere since! We can’t wait to get back to Chiang Mai to try it again!

Linda –  Tripping Blonde

Food from around the world - The boxty Ireland

The boxty, an Irish food that can be found at Gallagher’s Boxty House in Dublin, was the most scrumptious dish I tried during my travels in 2015. This dish, somewhat similar to a burrito, is made with a potato pancake rolled around a filling.  I enjoyed a classic boxty that was stuffed with corned beef and cabbage and topped off with a delicious creamy sauce.  Every bite was scrumptious.

Olga – Dreams in Heels

Food from around the world - Fig Salad
The Mediterranean region of Switzerland has a way to your heart through its delicious food. This local restaurant Grotto San Rocco which is located by the Lake Lugano, not only has the best views of the Lake but also the most yummy food. This fig salad was one of the best salads I ever had! The fig is locally grown in their backyard and the goat cheese is from the area too.

Mate & Sarah – Chasing the Donkey

Food from around the world - Sama Croatia

By far the best dish I had in 2015 was Sarma. This Croatian version of cabbage rolls is out of this world and really packs a flavour punch. The cabbage leaves used are pickled giving the dish great acidity and the filling is a mixture of pork and beef mince mixed with herbs, smoked pork and rice. They are absolutely delicious and best served with mash potatoes. The first time I tried them was at my Aunts house in Zadar and then couldn’t resist ordering them at a few local restaurants in Croatia. Whilst they are a little on the nose, If you can get your hands on some Sarma, give them a try and I guarantee you will love them.

Nathan – Fit Living Lifestyle

Food from around the world - Grilled Beef with Spicy Salad
This was actually one of the meals we made during a Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok. Grilled Beef with Spicy Salad – It is a mix of flavors with beef, mint, lime and spicy chilies. Traditionally, you roll up a ball of sticky rice and with that ball you grab a chunk of the beef and toss everything into you mouth. I had a whole plate of it and could have ate more.

Rishabh- Gypsy Couple

Food from around the world - Aaloo Tikki (Stuffed Potato Cutlet)

Aaloo Tikki (Stuffed Potato Cutlet)
This drool worthy street food can be found in the bylanes of Old Delhi in the Chandni Chowk area, arguably the best place in India to have street food. Sure to sate any taste or sight related hunger pangs for sure!

Matilda – The Travelling Sisters

Food from around the world
We’ve had quite a few good meals while traveling in 2015 but our experience at a Japanese ryokan easily tops all of them.  Funny enough, we didn’t even think about food while booking our stay.  We were in the area to visit Jigokudani Yaen Kōen (aka Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park) and were mostly preoccupied with easy access to the snow monkeys.  It was merely a bonus that meals were included in the room rate.  As it turned out, it was the best meal.  Served kaiseki, everything was prepared with fresh seasonal and local ingredients.  And the presentation was just as impressive as the taste- dishes were so beautifully arranged, it looked more like an art form than a meal.

Simone & Dan – The Aussie Flashpacker

Food from around the world

On our visit to Cornwall this year we stayed at the stunning Headland Hotel and dined at The Restaurant. The Restaurant boasts breathtaking views over Fistral Beach and the Atlantic Ocean serves incredible, fresh, perfectly cooked food. Our favourite part of the night, and one of the best meals we have eaten all year was our Chef’s Dessert Special, which was a platter of six different desserts. We were blown away when this beautiful platter was presented to us! The platter included chocolate fudge, chocolate cake, crème brulee, pannacotta, parfait and raspberry tart. It was evident the amount of work and detail that had gone into each mini dessert and they were absolutely divine.


Now you all must be dying to know by now what was our favourite food of 2015? Well you’ll have to check out our Best & Worst of 2015 article and podcast to find out! But I’ll leave this piccie here as something to tempt you into looking at a bit more food porn…..

Food from around the world - beigel bake London

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Food from around the world - Food food glorious food. Some of us travel to the corners of the earth in order to try every known delicacy every country has to offer. I've personally been to over 65 countries and I can tell you, the main thing I wanted to experience in each and every one was the food! But we are not the only travelling foodies out there. Oh no! There are many more hungry nomads out there scouring the earth in search of their next taste of delightful local food, and I asked them the hardest question of them all "What was your number 1 favourite meal of 2015". So with some serious thinking, and scrolling through a years worth of Instagram feeds - this is what they came up with