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Food & Fun in Nusa Dua, Bali

Nusa Dua is Bali’s luxury district. A high concentration of 5 star hotels and luxury resorts with beach front and water sports. If you are looking for a vacation with a touch of class, Nusa Dua is the ideal Bali destination for you.

Food in Nusa Dua

Indonesian Food

Nusa Dua is definitely aimed at a very international audience. Tourists are not coming here to find the most authentic, Balinese cuisine. You can certainly find Indonesian standards like satay, in many restaurants. But to find something at the next level that really represents Balinese food, is a little more tricky.

Bumbu Bali is the closest to authentic we could find in Nusa Dua. And they really feature everything you could want from a Balinese menu. From a large selection of satay options to “Be Celeng Base Manis” which is pork cooked in kecap manis (Sweet soy). You can even order an entire suckling pig (if you have 10 to 12 friends to share it with).

Nusa dua Balinese food

Photo Courtesy of Bambu Bali

If you want to try all the most traditional local food under one roof, Bambu Bali is the place. They even offer a cooking class.

Indian Food – Mirage

Indian food in Nusa Dua has long been a bit of a challenge. With only one Indian restaurant in the main tourism area, there has not been a lot of choice. And that one restaurant is very poorly rated. So we gave it a miss.

However, the Grand Mirage just hired a new chef to mastermind a complete and authentic Indian menu. From lamb rogan josh to vindaloo. Poppadoms, samosas and basmati rice.

Lamb Roagn Josh mirage

Lamb Rogan Josh at Grand Mirage

A great selection of classics with the real spices, correctly blended and prepared. Rich curry sauces that warm the mouth and please the belly. We loved it.

This special menu is now available from the Grand Cafe Restaurant.

BBQ – Ketut’s BBQ

Ketuts BBQ

Real American Style BBQ Ribs at Ketut’s

Real American style BBQ ribs in Bali? Yes. Sure they aren’t deep south quality, in fact they aren’t quite as good as WBM on the island of Nusa Lembongan either. But they certainly are real bbq ribs.

Visit Ketut’s BBQ

German food

Nyoman’s Beer Garden – they had us at the word “beer”. You may be mainly drinking Bintang (an Indonesian brew), but if you want something cheesy to fill your pie hole, this might be your best option. Owned by a real live German, they actually have some idea about how to cook German food.

The kaese spaetzle was actually pretty good!


Yay for Cheese! kaese spaetzle at Nyoman’s Beer Garden

They also often have live music, and the duo that were there when we visited could actually sing in tune. Quite a bonus over a lot of the restaurant singers we’d seen in Bali.

Fun in Nusa Dua

When you are in island paradise, the most fun you can have is going to involve getting wet! Here are our picks of 3 top water activities accessible from Nusa Dua.

Underwater Walking


Don your special underwater walking helmet and set foot on the sea bed to be surrounded by tropical fish. It’s the alternative to scuba diving that is available to everyone – you don’t even need to know how to swim. So long as you can sink, this is going to work out just fine!

Prepare for a fish frenzy as you hand feed the fish under the water and they swirl around you.

Water sports package


Experience all of the best water sports and activities in one trip. Snorkelling, riding a banana boat, jet skiing and parasailing. Enjoy the adrenaline with the scenic Serangan island as a backdrop.

Waterbom Waterpark

A 30 minute taxi ride from Nusa Dua is the 2nd best waterpark in the world (As rated on tripadvisor 2016). And we can attest to just how much fun this park is. So good we even wrote a separate article about it and our time in Kuta.

Not sure if it will be enough fun for you? Check out the boomerang ride.


To get your tickets in advance CLICK HERE

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Nusa Dua Accommodation

Grand Mirage Thalasso Bali

We stayed at Grand Mirage Nusa Dua. With private beach front and a ton of activities available, we made the most of our time.


The North end of the Mirage Private beach turns to grass – you can enjoy some contemplations time in the gazebo

From water volleyball in the pool, sea kayaking and even traditional fruit carving, you’ll be kept busy.


Learn fruit carving at Grand Mirage

Or of course, you can just lounge by the pool and get some serious chillax time.


On a rainy day, we managed to fully entertain ourselves with some rather competitive games of air hockey in the gaming lounge. Why not let yourself be a kid again – you are on vacation!

air hockey

Overall we found our room to be a little in need of refurbishment – though some of the rooms at the resort have already been updated. But the breakfast buffet was great (Fantastic indian food, and omelettes where they do not hold back on the cheese!) and all the activities around the resort really led to a very fun experience. The staff really make an effort to keep you smiling and get you involved. We even tried out aqua aerobics – the instructors do not take themselves too seriously. It was awesome!

To check availability or to find out more information CLICK HERE 

Other Accommodation in Nusa Dua

Looking for a super luxury all inclusive experience? We also stayed at Samabe Villas & Suites. It was heavenly.

Neither of these float your proverbial boat? Here are a few other options.


2015 Mantra Sakala Resort & Beach Club Ulu Segara Luxury Suites & Villas

Ulu Segara Luxury Suites & Villas


The Bali Khama a Beach Resort & spa The Bali Khama a Beach Resort & spa