Duck and Rice at Yok Yor

Yok Yor Thai Food Factory, Sydney. (Restaurant review with video)

Yok Yor Thai Food Factory: Lychee Smoothie
Lychee Smoothie

Get ready to have your taste buds tickled, but not assaulted, by some fabulous and well crafted Thai flavours.
Over our 4 days in Sydney we endeavoured to eat at as many budget restaurants (ie. Mains under $15) as possible. The Yok Yor Thai Food Factory is slightly factory themed with bare brick walls and the chefs wearing hard hats. Some amazing food awaits us, so lets take a look at what we ate in depth…

The restaurant area at Yok Yor is small but with quite a fast turnover. The first positive sign when eating Asian cuisine is that the place is full of Asian customers… check! Safe in the knowledge that Thai people are willing to eat here, we sit down.

Watch our brief 2 minute webisode of us indulging our taste buds and then read the full review below


First up we a order a lychee smoothie for around $4 to share – lycheelicious! Its a simple product that can so easily go wrong if the fruit content is not correct, but they nail it. Enthused by this initial win we suffer a couple of disappointments… Firstly the staff are walking around in a daze, it takes a good 5 minutes of waving at people who are looking right at us to get them to come and take our order. Its not busy and the staff are standing around tidying and such rather than paying attention. Not good.

Yok Yor Thai Food Factory: Crispy Pancake
Crispy pancake

When our first starter arrives it is a slight disappointment. What is supposed to be a mixture of Prawns and veg in a crispy pancake is mostly beansprouts. It doesn’t taste bad but it certainly isn’t smacking the taste buds either. Fortunately our fortunes are about to change for the better!

Yok Yor Thai Food Factory: Chicken Wing
So tasty we started eating it before even getting a photo!

Next up is the Thai style chicken wing. These can be purchased by quantity rather than per dish, $3 per wing. Sadly we only ordered one, we didn’t think things through! It doesn’t take long for us to devour this delicious morsel. The dipping sauce that accompanies has so many well balanced flavours it tastes like the whole of Thai cuisine condensed into a tiny dish.

The service had been slow so far, and this theme continued somewhat whilst waiting for our mains. We watched as people around us who had sat down after us had already finished their meals… Still, good things come to those who wait, and our two mains were worth that wait…

Yok Yor Thai Food Factory: Duck and Rice

First up, the star of the night, the Duck and Rice. Some mights say with an unassuming title like “Duck and Rice” that you may not be expecting a complicated and exciting dish… Those people would be wrong. This stand out winning dish combined well cooked crispy duck breast with a simply amazing sauce, maybe a little sweet for some, but the Thai people like their sugar as we learnt whilst visiting Thailand. Sweet it was, but the sweetness did not overpower the other flavours in the sauce. When combined with the rice and a side of pickled ginger it worked perfectly to the point where I spooned up every last bit of rice.

The final item was the pork belly. Stir fried with vegetables and served with rice and a proud fried egg on top – its about to get gooey awesome! Watch the video review above for some food porn from this dish! The flavours were good and the pork belly had lots of tasty crispy bits, just what you want from pork belly. It couldn’t beat the duck though.

Yok Yor have some great offerings, but weren’t 100% consistent and the service was below par. However, for a budget restaurant I wasn’t expecting silver service, this is one step up from street food, but it is quite a big step, the flavours are well crafted and the price is reasonable, the venue is quirky but not tacky and the presentation was great – plus its BYO (Wine) so more money can be saved.


Yok Yor on Urbanspoon

Yok Yor on Urbanspoon



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